What’s the difference between GinzaMetrics and
other enterprise SEO platforms?

 As pioneers in the science of findability, we deliver insights & analytics without a lot of nonsense. A few things we do differently:








When we pioneered the science of findability, we knew a week was too long to wait for data and insights, especially when you’re in the middle of a campaign, search engine algorithm updates happen, or your competitors are taking the attention of your target audience.

We believe that daily data updates helps you solve content marketing and SEO challenges and gives you the ability to:

  • Make content decisions faster and with more complete information
  • Remain agile in a quickly changing ecosystem
  • Discover competitor content and changes faster
  • Tie marketing efforts to conversions sooner and more accurately
  • Build and maintain a better workflow and respond to issues in real time

Because we built our platform around daily updates, there’s no extra charge to get the data you need- it’s included in the base price of each plan we offer.


Go ahead, use our platform as your own. You don’t always want everyone to know where you’re getting all the great insights that help you improve your findability. We get it. Your secret is safe with us. We’re not going to steal your thunder by letting your report recipients know that the data is “powered by GinzaMetrics” or try to add our logo if you don’t want it.

White labeling is free, easy, and something you can do at the account and site level – so customize away! Once you create a dashboard view or a report template, we allow you to copy them to all your sites or to each of your agency clients. Don’t like what you created? Change it at anytime without losing any data.

Get and report the data you want, the way you want it with our customized reports:

  • Instantly create reports that mirror your dashboard via .csv, Excel, PDF, or embedded html email modules.
  • Use our reporting center to design custom reports filtered by date, competitor, keyword and content group, search engine, device, and more to make each module your own.
  • Put your logo or client logos on reports with ease and save them as templates for quick use again and again.
  • Add in your own insights as notes or captions to provide added context to each report.

Don’t worry, we’ll sit quietly in the background knowing that the awesomeness you’re sharing has been generated by our proprietary algorithms and crawl data without taking any of the credit.


Since we started delivering our SEO and content marketing solution in 2010, we’ve worked hard to make sure our customers have a flexible, scalable solutions to their unique challenges. Part of that commitment has led to our completely shareable and customizable dashboard options.

Custom dashboards allow various teams and individuals in an organization to get the data they need without wading through the analytics they don’t need – while still getting a view of the entire marketing operation.

Use shareable, customizable dashboards to:

  • See only the data you want – by site, job function, team, content type – whatever works for you is fine with us.
  • Share customized dashboards with clients or team members without giving them access to the full site.
  • Use drag and drop modules to prioritize and organize your data.

We don’t think your success should be stifled by our interpretation of your needs. We provide over 40 modules in an easy-to-use drag and drop system allowing you to arrange the data any way you desire. Share your dashboards with as many other people as you like without any additional costs.

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If you have more than one competitor and you’re using another enterprise SEO and marketing platform, you may not be getting all the information you need to stay ahead in the search engine results pages. Not only do we help you track all the competitors you know, we identify the ones you don’t know yet and give you an opportunity to track them, too.

Beyond just monitoring your competition:

  • Track competitor findability versus yours at the keyword and content levels.
  • Compare your findability with your competitors across all marketing channels.
  • Track competitor activity and share of voice on social media channels.
  • Provide granular data about competitor content and keyword success.

We don’t think your strategic plans should be limited because you can’t see everyone and every piece of content that’s stealing your audience and vying for their attention or because key participants don’t have access to the platform. That’s why we include all competitor tracking and discovery as part of every platform and allow unlimited users as part of the platform price.


If you’re only tracking your findability on one search engine, we think you’re missing out on a lot of very important insights. Between the growing global economy and the migration to mobile devices, most brands can’t afford to keep the blinders on when it comes to seeing search and content results.

Even in our smallest plans, users are given the option to track keywords across any combination of three search engines or devices for the cost of a single keyword. If you’re marketing internationally, or even if you’re only in the U.S., you’ll want to track all your keywords across the search engines and devices that are important to your audiences.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, we support all local instances of Google as well as:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • Sogou
  • Qihoo 360 (So.com)
  • Daum
  • Naver
  • Yandex

We also support the most popular mobile devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android phone
  • Android tablet

Track all your keywords across devices and search engines without depleting your keyword allocation. For example, you can track “trail running shoes” on Google US, Google, UK, And iPhone Australia using only one keyword allocation, not three.


At GinzaMetrics we know that “no” means “no” and we don’t push. If we’re the right solution for you, we’re all in. We’ll help you get the data you need to improve your efforts and contribute to your organization’s bottom line. If we’re not the right fit, we might just tell you we think you need a different solution. If you come upon that realization on your own, we’ll simply go away and leave you in peace.

We’ll never disparage our competition, we have too much respect for ourselves and the other people in our industry for that. If we think they’re a better fit for you, we may even recommend them (although we think we’re pretty awesome and we hope you will, too!).

If you do ask to talk to us, we’ll make sure you always speak to someone who directly works on the product without hassle. We’ll get you the information and resources you need to make a decision and get you the support you need once you decide to become one of our business partners.

We’re too busy adding new features and creating a great platform for our customers to spend a lot of time and money on a sales team, so you’ll never get a cold call and we won’t bug you. You’re welcome to bug us, though – we like to talk to more people than just ourselves.

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