Findability Score for SEO & Content Marketing

At GinzaMetrics, we talk a lot about the benefits of increasing your findability. So, what is your Findability Score, and how do we calculate it?

The history of the Findability Score

We believe that the purpose of marketing is to get your brand found. Whether you are trying to generate sales, create awareness, or educate people – that information needs to be found somehow.

GinzaMetrics decided early on that we needed a way to measure the overall findability of content online – a method that would allow you to rank individual pieces of content, groups of content, and your entire site. We also thought you should be able to see the findability of your competitors as well. So the idea of a Findability Score was born back in 2010 and continues to be a measurement for content today.

 seo and content marketing findability score

How was Findability Score originally calculated?

The original score is based on search engine result pages (SERPs) with a weighted score assigned to each ranking.

Naturally, you want to appear higher in search results so a larger point score is given to higher rankings. Appearing first in results gives you 30 points, with second place receiving 29, and so on down to 30th place – after which 0 points are assigned.

SERP Rank & Point Breakdown
#1 = 30 pts
#2 = 29 pts
#3 = 28 pts
#4 = 27 pts

… and so on

#31+ = 0 pts

Current Findability Score

With the influence of search, social, content, and algorithm changes on how brands are found – the Findability Score algorithm is more complex.

We’re constantly updating it to include metrics and account for updates to the marketing landscape.

Why is a Findability Score important?

Tracking the content you are creating on a regular basis is important for a number of reasons. One of the difficult factors in understanding not only your content, but that of industry competitors, is that there are so many analytics to choose from.

Since it’s often hard to see the detailed analytics of everyone in the market, often you’re left with apples-to-oranges comparisons or missing data. The Findability Score is a great way to put all content on a level playing field and objectively measure who is creating the most relevant content around specific topics.

The Findability Score is also a great beacon for not only measuring, but also improving campaigns. By tracking the ongoing changes in findability for campaigns and particular pieces of content, you can leverage the recommendations in your dashboard, to optimize existing content and create more effective content moving forward.