Managing Your Keywords

Managing your keywords is the most important part of your GinzaMetrics SEO and Content dashboard.

Your targeted keywords are used to create optimization recommendations, ranking information, competitor analysis, and more.

You can add keywords to your GinzaMetrics accounts in a variety of ways, including:

  • Adding them manually / individually
  • Uploads using our template files for keywords, keyword groups, pages, and Preferred Landing Pages (PLPs)
  • Importing directly from an analytics provider
  • Importing from Google Webmaster Tools
  • Using the proprietary Keyword Discovery tool
  • Using the proprietary Suggested Search tool
  • With the Automated Management feature

keyword management for seo and content marketing

Keyword Groups

Create and manage keyword groups for easier data filtering, monitoring, and management. Segmenting your keywords into groups is also a great way to view competitor information, discover new competitors, and understand marketing campaigns.

keyword groups for seo and marketing management

You can view your keyword data using the Insights tab in your navigation and selecting Keywords from the drop down.

Keyword Data Graphs

Your keyword dashboard pages contains a number of graph and chart options. At the top you will notice a tabbed graph that includes:

  • Top 3 Keywords – This graph contains all of your keywords that are in the top three ranking position, as well as 4-10, 11-30, etc. You can change the data range for this graph using the dashboard filters at the top of your dashboard. You can also click into segments of the bar graph for a more granular view of the ranking keywords within that range.
  • Average Rank – View the average rank for your site as well as your competitors based on your selected keywords. You can also filter by keyword groups and date range using your filters.
  • Findability Score – This proprietary score from GinzaMetrics helps you understand how likely your content is to be found for each of your targeted keywords. You can also view competitor Findability Score in the platform as well.
  • Tracked Organic Visits – View all organic visits to your site that correspond to your chosen keywords.
  • Conversions – See conversion data, as set up in your analytics provider, based on your selected keywords across your site content.


Keyword Data Charts

Below your graphs are charts that help you compare and drill down into particular keyword data. These charts include:

  • Keywords – View your keywords, the ranking URL, current rank for the search engine selected, total searches, visits, and conversions for all of your targeted keywords. Clicking onto the selected keyword will provide more granular information.
  • Social Signals – View social data including Facebook Likes, Shares and Visits; Google +1’s and Twitter Retweets for your selected keywords.
  • Groups – View keyword performance by Keyword Group. Keyword Groups help you view your keywords as campaigns, geographic regions, product segments or other ways you would like to view your data.
  • PLP Report – Preferred Landing Pages (PLP) are content pages that you own and are trying to rank for specific keywords. You can set PLPs in your GinzaMetrics dashboard to change the content that a particular keyword is targeting. See more about PLPs here.
  • Ranking Trends – View keywords that have ranked over the past 10 days as an exact ranking per day. Use the drop downs to select ranking trends for competitors or to view by keyword groups.
  • Competitors – View keyword ranking across all of your selected competitors. You can sort by individual keywords or by keyword groups. You can also filter your information by keyword ranking by clicking on the top column headers in your chart.