Dashboard Navigation


Your dashboard has a primary navigation located at the top to help you easily navigate the SEO and content platform.

Your navigation bar gives you access to all of your insights, recommendations and settings, including:

Site listings

This is a comprehensive listing of all sites connected to the account selected. You can easily navigate between sites to compare SEO and content recommendations, create reports, or monitor competitors.


 marketing and seo strategy dashboard site selector


  • Audience – View social signals and audience data for you and your competitors including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. You’ll be able to see follower counts, likes, talking about, subscribers and more.
  • Content – The content tab gives you in-depth information about the content on your site at the page, keyword and social signal level.
    • Page & Keyword – You’ll be able to see information including searches, projected monthly traffic, rank, top ranking keyword, and page level analytics that include visits, bounce rate and conversion data.
    • Social Signal – Here you can view social insights to make strategic marketing decisions including traffic data by social channel, new visitor traffic from social media channels, and conversions that are driven by your social media efforts.
  • Keywords – View valuable SEO and content keyword data including average ranking, findability score, organic visits and conversions in the graphs provided at the top of this page. Below these graphs are chart break-outs including information on search engines, groups, preferred landing pages, ranking trends and competitors. Use targeted keywords and topics to understand how well your content and campaigns are attracting your target audience versus competitors and in the industry. (Take a look at our Keyword Discovery feature to find additional keywords and topics that we have identified for you that aren’t currently on your radar.)
  • Links – Competitive backlink profiles and internal link analysis are both housed in the links tab of your dashboard. From here you can compare competitor link stats and understand how to optimize your site.
  • Competitors – View granular competitor information broken out by ranking and findability comparisons, as well as individual competitor breakouts that include social media signal data. (Check out our Competitor Discovery feature to identify competitors that may be creating content similar to yours and attracting traffic from your target audience.)


View the recommendations for your search and content marketing needs broken out by difficulty, risk and importance in this tab.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.06.28 PM

To help make sorting through any errors and optimization suggestions, recommendations are broken out by Keyword & Content, Page Structure and Crawlability We also make prioritizing your recommendations easier by giving each recommendation an Importance, Difficulty, and Risk rating. You can quickly add recommendations to a to-do list for yourself or team members using the Task option.

Site settings

Update your site settings at any time, including targeted country, adding groups and keywords, updating competitors, and more.

Your site settings is also where you can manage your content and keyword groups, add more tracked pages and keywords, update competitors or manage social media and offsite content.

site settings for seo and marketing strategy platform

Account settings

The account settings tab will allow you to access all of your connected accounts as well as update your account-level settings including language and password options.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 12.19.51 PM

Note: Clicking the logo at the top left of the navigation bar will always take you back to your account level dashboard. From there you can manage billing, accounts, users and more.

Have additional questions about your GinzaMetrics dashboard? Contact us, we’re happy to help.