Strategic Marketing Channel Insights

Make better strategic content marketing decisions based on knowing where you’re being found, then deliver content to your key audiences.

Target the channels that work

Find out where you’re being found and what content and keywords are driving traffic to your site all in one easy to use dashboard.

Use channel performance data to inform future channel investments.

Know where your audience is finding you to decide where to put future paid dollars. Distribute content to your most popular channels.

Know exactly what social channels are bringing visitors to your site

Based on what you know, amp up your efforts on specific social media sites and adjust messages to interest the audiences you’re trying to reach.

Monitor your performance

Get “at a glimpse” data

Data is displayed on a colorful bar chart to quickly monitor your performance on various digital channels.

Compare your performance on these channels: search, direct, affiliate, paid, email, display, referral, social, any others you designate.

Get granular data

Take a deeper dive or change date ranges to get a long-term overview without having to toggle back and forth between screens or views.

Select date ranges to view results by: day, week, month, year, quarter, campaign dates, any date range you choose.

Make data-driven choices

Use daily traffic data to identify when new campaigns are created or new content is released to determine its impact on your overall findability.

Find out what’s working and what’s not

Compare your channel performance to keyword and topic discovery results to see what’s working and what’s not.

Find out where your messages are being found and where your audiences are looking for you.

Use that data to decide where to focus your efforts.

Get a granular view of each of your channels to quickly discover daily visits, page views, new visitors, bounces, and conversions.

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