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Successful content marketing programs are driven by the right data

Less than half of marketers know what a successful content marketing program looks like.

Get a head start by breaking measurement down into more manageable parts and start tracking KPIs based on corporate goals. 

Some common mistakes associated with measuring content effectiveness include:

  • Questions are too broad to get actionable data.
  • Content is not segmented correctly to accurately measure effectiveness.
  • Metrics used to measure content marketing efforts don’t match corporate goals.
  • Too much data from different sources leads to data deluge and confusion.
  • Efforts aren’t measured with enough frequency.

Read more about how to effectively create a data driven content marketing program.

7 reasons you need an SEO platform now

Why do you need an SEO platform – besides making sure that your marketing and SEO efforts contribute to the bottom line?

If you need more reasons than that, we have seven good reasons to get started with an SEO and content marketing intelligence platform:

  • Constantly changing search engine algorithms.
  • Insuring your content is relevant and findable.
  • Search is still the least expensive (and best way) to get found.
  • Your competition is doing it.
  • You want to create a positive user experience.
  • You need to know what’s working and what isn’t.
  • There are many factors affecting your findability.

An SEO and marketing intelligence platform can help you solve these SEO and content marketing challenges and more.

Why do you need an SEO platform?

Recycle, reuse, and renew old content to boost your SEO

Instead of constantly creating new assets to feed the content beast, consider refreshing old content with updated information and keywords.

Consistently creating content is a challenge for most marketers. Instead of always aspiring to publish new content, try renewing, repurposing, and re-promoting older content that still has relevance.

If it still drives traffic to your site, update and optimize content with:

  • New statistics
  • Current keywords
  • New product information
  • Refreshed meta tags
  • New visual elements

When updating old content, renew the content but don’t touch the URL!

Want to improve overall SEO? Try refreshing old content.

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The growing importance of local for search

Local search data is not just for small businesses anymore. The growing use of mobile devices and the changes in the search engine results pages have resulted in brands of all sizes looking to local SEO as a way to improve their findability.

Factors leading to the growing importance of local include:

  • Algorithm updates continue to favor mobile search.
  • Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity.
  • Brands with local footprints are looking to optimize local audience engagement.
  • National brands are looking for ways to personalize messaging.

To meet the challenges associated with local search, GinzaMetrics has integrated local search data into its SEO and marketing intelligence platform.

How important is it for you to get local search data?

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