Solution: Finding content to create

Content creation insights based on daily data from your audience, search engines, and competitors

  • How do I find new content to create?
  • How do I ensure it’s relevant to my audience?
  • How does it stack up against the competition?

These are all common issues for marketers – trying to find new content to create that will resonate with your audience while being relevant to your brand.

Not only will we help you figure out new topic ideas, we’ll also ensure you can accurately track your performance and compare it to the competition in one platform.

We gather data from search engines, devices, and social media to better understand what’s findable and shareable with your audience now so you can create timely, topical content.

Three ways for you to use the GinzaMetrics platform to find new content ideas

Use templates in the reporting and custom dashboard center.

Use our ready-made templates to create a report or a custom dashboard that will instantly deliver the relevant insights you need for creating better content.

Reports are available for automatic sends, so you can simply have your content creation recommendations delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or on demand to yourself or team members.

All GinzaMetrics plans come with unlimited custom dashboards that can be white labeled and laid out in a way that works best for you. Start out with one of our template options and customize from there, or build your own dashboard from scratch using a full listing of table and chart modules available on the lefthand side of your report builder. You can customize each module with options such as date range, search engine or device, keyword and content group filters, competitor site selection, and other sorting options.

Use our workflow chart to navigate your dashboard

We don’t want to give you a robust enterprise platform without a map to finding answers you’re looking for. We’ve created workflow charts to answer common questions and help you discover how you can make your GinzaMetrics dashboard work best for your needs.

Most workflows are also mirrored in reporting center and custom dashboard template options, which you can customize or use as-is.

If we don’t have a workflow chart available for a problem you have, let us know and we can walk you through how to use the platform to accomplish it and build a workflow that’s right for you.

To access the workflow chart for finding content ideas in the GinzaMetrics platform, click here.

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