Getting Started with Custom Dashboards

Use customized dashboards to give teams and individuals the flexibility to view and gather insights on only the data necessary to their individual functions and eliminate the need for different tools or wasted time spent sifting through a lot of extra data.

Why custom dashboards?

A custom dashboard is a flexible solution to many of the problems marketers face. Using custom dashboards, various teams and individuals in the organization can get the data they need without taking the time to sift through the analytics they don’t need.

Custom dashboards allow users to separate out data for various functions and still get a view of the entire marketing operation. Getting the same data in various ways makes it easier to get the top-down view while seeing the interdependencies of  marketing elements such as campaigns, products, and channels.

Manage and improve workflow when you create dashboards to track individual performance and contributions to the overall marketing ecosystem.

What are your unique needs?

A customized dashboard is designed by you to solve your unique needs and to solve the challenges you have identified. Some common marketing intelligence needs include:

  • Competitor intelligence and monitoring
  • Content insights
  • Organic search insights
  • SEO considerations
  • Social media engagements
  • Marketing channel performance
  • Marketing campaign performance

Once you’ve identified your unique requirements, indentify the marketing channels that drive traffic to your site and view them all in one place.

See only the data you want to see

Choose the data you want to see and then select those modules or use some templates we’ve created as a guide. Pick and choose the modules, charts, and tables you want and view only that data.

Use our simple drag and drop modules to arrange the data however you want it. Select from a variety of filters including:

  • Date ranges
  • Search engines
  • Devices
  • Keyword groups
  • Content groups
  • Reporting
  • Competitor monitoring levels

Make it your own

Take ownership of your data and your reports. You can white label the custom dashboards and add your own logos or your client’s logos. Choose the logos you want for your entire dashboard, or for custom dashboards. In fact, custom dashboards can have different logos than your full account-level dashboard. Simply upload a logo and give it a title and it will become yours with no mention of GinzaMetrics.

Once you have the data you want, where you want it, share your dashboard URL with anyone. We provide flexibility and customization options so your recipients can move the modules you’ve selected and view them in any order.

Custom dashboards provide the same functionality and interactive features of our standard dashboards, allowing users to click in to view more granular data, or change the filters at the top to see the data a little differently.

Export data from your custom views as PDF reports and email them to various team members with our email scheduling feature, or use our on-demand report generation and email capabilities.

Unlimited views, unlimited users

Create dashboards for any team or function. Using drag and drop modules, you can design dashboards to give you an overview, or just focus on one element of the marketing mix. Create dashboards for:

  • Digital strategy
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Competitor insights
  • Any function or view you choose

Keep an eye on marketing channel performance on any or all channels including:

  • Direct email
  • Organic search
  • Paid search
  • Referrals
  • Social media

Create as many dashboards as you like. Create dashboards to view

  • Campaigns
  • Products
  • Features
  • Recommendations
  • Goal completions

Share your dashboards with as many other people as you like across all size plans, for every user. At any time, you can invite anyone you want to take a look at any dashboard you’ve created, or at your overview dashboard.

Make it once, use it over and over again

Creating your own dashboard can takes as little as five minutes and gives you the flexibility to go back and make changes as you decide what views work best for you.

Save time creating the same report over and over again. Once you create a dashboard view that you really like, we allow you to copy that dashboard report to all of your sites, or to each of your agency clients.

If you’re not sure how you want your dashboard to look, start out with one of our templates and go from there. We give you the flexibility to continue to make changes to your dashboards without having to start from scratch each time.

Now see available custom dashboard modules

Get a list and description of all custom dashboard modules available for your data and reporting needs.

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