Search and Content Recommendations

Once you have the data you need, know what to fix, where to fix it, and how to fix it with automated recommendations.

Tackle the most important tasks first

Spend your time making changes to those things that will have the biggest impact on your results. We prioritize our recommendations by importance, difficulty, and risk.

Focus on changes in your area of responsibility to improve your results

If you’re responsible for content, you’ll want to focus your efforts on optimizing your content and improving your keywork ranking.

If you’re responsible for overall SEO, you’ll want to make sure your page structures are sound and your site scores high for crawlability.

We categorize recommendations by: keyword and content, page structure, crawlability

Save time by getting the big picture first and a summary of errors

Find out at a glance how many errors you have in each category and then click in to see the type of errors that need fixing, then make a plan to improve.

Create tasks and a workflow

No need to move out of the recommendations page. Create your team tasks and keep track of progress with our workflow feature.

When you’re ready, get detailed recommendations

When it’s time to act on the recommendations, we not only give you the fix, but the URL of the page that needs fixing.

Monitor your team’s progress automatically

Have reports delivered to your inbox on a regular basis to watch corrections and improvements as they happen.

Show your progress against goals

Use our automated reporting to show stakeholders a reduction in errors over time.

Recommendations you need to get found

We provide comprehensive recommendations for:

  • Keyword and Content
  • Page Structure
  • Crawlability

Keyword and Content

Optimize your keyword usage and get your content found by search engines. We give you recommendations to improve: tags, meta descriptions, and keyword inclusion.

Page Structure

Improve the findability of every page and watch your organic search data improve. Get granular recommendations for: tags, URLs, preferred landing pages, indexing, external links.


Optimize your site for every search engine. See recommendations to improve: http errors and on-page links.

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