GinzaMetrics is built with the best technology has to offer today and is innovating for tomorrow to increase your SEO wins.

  • Daily crawls – Updating your insights daily comes standard at GinzaMetrics. With weekly crawls from other platforms, you receive four points of data insight over a month, versus 30 with your GinzaMetrics dashboard. See more about why daily crawls are so important in our ebook here.
  • Enterprise scalability – We offer unparalleled scale for your site needs so you can ramp up quickly and get results now.
  • API – Use our API to integrate with other technologies for custom dashboards and data needs.
  • Integrations – We integrate social signals, Google Webmaster Tools, website analytics platforms, and more to give you the most complete picture of your SEO system.
  • Evolving Algorithms – The search engines won’t stop evolving and neither will we. When changes happen we’re on top of it, updating our algorithms to meet the needs of customers around the world.
  • Local and mobile – If you’re looking for local search data or more information on mobile search and content we’ve got you covered. Our integrated local search offering includes both chart and map functionalities. Get deeper mobile data by tracking at the device level or drilling down into desktop, tablet, and mobile filters.


Let GinzaMetrics proactively find areas to monitor, improve and analyze for you.

  • Keywords – Use our Keyword Discovery tool to find additional keywords that are driving traffic to your content and then add them to your tracked keywords and existing keyword groups with a single click. Keyword Discovery leverages information at the topic and landing page level – giving you a choice of how to find the most relevant keywords for your site.
  • Competitors – Keeping on top of the competition is a challenge as new sites come up daily that threaten to take business from your site. We’ll give you a constantly updated list of potential new competitors and their URLs that you can add to your competitor monitoring instantly. Competitor Discovery not only provides you with sites that are taking traffic from your brand, but also provides a list of the specific keywords and content that are beating you, broken out by keyword group for easier sorting.
  • Content – New content is always developing, so you need a platform that will discover which content is most likely to succeed for your targeted keywords so you can take action.


Understand the moves your competitors are making and head them off before they gain rank.

  • Findability Score – Using our proprietary algorithm, you can understand how findable your site content is versus competitors. Compare at the group, keyword, and page level.
  • Predicted Findability – Go beyond current findability and forecast your future findability. This can help set benchmarking, guide updates, and dictate additional SEO and content needs for your site.
  • Monitoring – Monitor competitors across various search engines and social media to gain a full picture of how target audiences are responding to content.
  • Intelligence – Use our comparative insights to understand ranking trends, search volume, and more.
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You need a dashboard that delivers the information that drives better business decisions and meets goals.

  • Search Engines – Get site insights from the search engines you want. GinzaMetrics lets you choose which search engines to track including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, Sogou, Yandex, and Qihoo 360. You can also select mobile instances of Google such as Google iPad or iPhone.
  • Local and Mobile – SEO is moving fast, so ensuring you’ve got insights for local and mobile is important to keeping up with today’s industry.
  • Social Signals – We incorporate social media into our SEO and content marketing dashboard so you can see the power of social traffic and conversion on overall findability. We provide social data for you and your competitors for a full industry view.
  • Custom Dashboards – Get the views you need in the way you want. From filters and segmentation to custom dashboard builds dictated by your business needs – we work with you to get the search insights that help you win.


Recommendations at the content, keyword, and page level to help you prioritize your SEO to-do list.

  • Prioritization – We have simplified the task of sorting recommendations by categorizing them by importance, difficulty, and risk – giving you the option of prioritizing in a way that works best for you.
  • Keyword & Content – To help you craft each piece of content with search in mind, we sort through errors such as: title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and more.
  • Page Structure – Helping reach the top of SERPs requires correct page structure, so we give recommendations including: URL structure, tag length, title length, etc.
  • Crawlability – Our tools ensure that each page on your site is maximized for crawlabilty by identifying HTTP errors and link issues for your site.