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Use GinzaMetrics to identify new opportunities in your marketing strategy, including:

  • New keyword opportunities – We are finding the words and topics that are driving traffic to your content that you’re not currently targeting. Use these newly identified keywords to figure out if you’re targeting the best possible topics to attract your audience, or if there is content you can be creating around these new keywords and phrases that will drive even more engaged traffic to your site. Leveraging our Keyword Discovery tool, you will have access to constantly updated list of content ideas and organic marketing improvement data.
  • New competitors – We’ll find out who else is creating content similar to yours so you can keep your finger on the pulse of everything that’s happening in your industry. Beyond just identifying competitor sites, you can track your progress, including Findability Score, alongside theirs and keep track of what’s working for them. The Competitor Discovery feature goes beyond just identifying competitors, it shows you the specific content and keywords that are taking traffic from you.
  • Social Signals – Discover what content you’re creating that delivers the most social engagement based on your targeted keywords. This will help you understand which topics, content types, and content channels are working best for your brands across social networks. Our Social Suite provides an overview of core social signals, trends versus your competitors, and share of voice data for your industry.


Make calculated marketing moves by predicting the success of campaigns and content before you launch them. Using GinzaMetrics, you can make inferences about outcomes, including:

  • Performance of a campaign – By creating content groups for your campaign elements, you can see how keywords and content types have performed for your target audience in the past so you can optimize campaign content for the future. Knowing what types of content, keywords, features, and messaging have resonated in the past gives you leverage to create the best campaigns moving forward.
  • Selection of marketing channels – Using the marketing channel performance chart you can see how all elements of your marketing mix are working together to drive traffic, conversions and revenue. Seeing how these change campaign-by-campaign, over months and seasons, or based on other variables – you can pick the most optimal mix of marketing elements.
  • Findability versus competitors – Monitoring your competitor’s content for similar products, features and brand opportunities means you can see where they’re placing their time and money in marketing and product. Knowing what they are concentrating on and what content they’re using to drive traffic means you can see how creating new content will affect findability for your target audience.


Content that attracts your target audience and builds your brand, no matter the channel. Amplify your content creation with features including:

  • Content Checklist – Our content checklist makes creating campaigns and organizing your marketing efforts a snap. Use the checklist to ensure you’ve assembled the best blend of content elements for your needs. Once you’ve got your content loaded you can identify target keywords, create groups, and ensure target URLs are ready for launch.
  • Content Groups – Create content groups for campaigns, products, feature sets, competitors, or other ways that help you track progress. Once you have content groups you can move on to task management. Your content groups will help you not only segment data, but also sort recommendations for better prioritization of SEO and marketing optimization.
  • Workflow and task management – Make sure you have the ultimate content to-do list, track progress, and assign items to team members. You can create tasks from anywhere within the platform and check in on status in the task center.
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Make updates to your content in real time, based on daily analytics updates, that will increase your conversion rates across marketing channels.

  • Content Recommendations – Our recommendations span all the elements that ensure your content is findable, including: keywords & content, page structure, and crawlability.
  • Findability Score – Understand how easy it is for your target audience to find you, and then compare your Findability Score to competitors to see where you can make improvements.
  • Predicted Findability – We don’t just stop at how findable you are, we tell you how findable you can be. Using our recommendations and insights, we project your potential traffic reach so you know the ROI on your efforts.
  • Competitor Intelligence – Continue to optimize your content against competitor content with daily monitoring and analytics that put you a step ahead.


Managing tasks, reporting, progress and ROI are all critical parts of showing how all of your work is paying off. GinzaMetrics has built a robust, easy to use management system to help you shine.

  • Reporting – From white label reporting to scheduled sends, we have you covered. Our drag-and-drop reporting modules allow you to customize your data before you share it.
  • Workflow & Task Management – Don’t get overwhelmed by your campaigns or let things fall through the cracks – use our simple task assignment, progress management, and workflow options to make sure your marketing is on track.
  • Benchmarking and KPIs – Set KPI targets, track conversions, and view revenue for your content. Filter by campaign, content, and keyword to get granular understanding of what’s driving wins.
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