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Content marketing requires knowing which content to create that will have the highest ROI – driving the most traffic and conversions for the time spent. GinzaMetrics can help you find out what content that will be by identifying:

  • New keywords and topics – Use our keyword discovery tool to create content to match the words and topics your audiences are looking for, but you may not be currently tracking.
  • New competitors and their content – We’ll discover who is creating content similar to yours so you can keep your content fresh and at the peak of findability. Beyond identifying your competitors, our proprietary Findability Score helps you to track your progress alongside your competitor’s to highlight wins and expose opportunities for expansion.
  • Social Signals – Understand how engaging and shareable your content is via social media. We track your social signals at the keyword / topic, content, and campaign level so you have all of the insights needed to make better content choices.


Create the content that attracts your target audience and builds your brand, no matter the channel. Amplify your content creation with features including:

  • Content Checklist – Our content checklist makes creating campaigns and organizing your marketing efforts a snap. Use the checklist to ensure you’ve assembled the best blend of content elements for your needs.
  • Content Groups – Create content (page) groups for campaigns, products, feature sets, competitors, and more to manage and analyze the ROI of your content for your target audience. For your content groups, you can view things like:
    • Searches
    • Projected monthly traffic
    • Visits
    • Pageviews
    • Conversions
    • Social signal data including amount of traffic driven from social, pageviews, conversions, and more
  • Keyword Groups – Group together keywords that tie to content you’re creating so you can track how well your content is driving target audience. Keyword groups can help you segment by competitors, products, audience type, and more.
  • Workflow and task management – Make sure you have the ultimate content to-do list, track progress, and assign items to team members.
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Make updates to your content in real time, based on daily analytics updates, that will increase your conversion rates across marketing channels.

  • Content Recommendations – Our recommendations span all the elements that ensure your content is findable, including:
    • Keywords & Content – Be sure each item of content is driving audience conversions from your targeted keywords and topics.
    • Page Structure – Be rewarded by search engines for optimal structure of content including tags, URLs and meta descriptions.
    • Crawlability – Ensure content can be found and indexed properly without HTTP or 404 errors.
  • Findability Score & Predicted Findability – Understand how easy it is for your target audience to find you, and then compare your Findability Score to competitors to see where you can make improvements. We don’t just stop at how findable you are, we tell you how findable you can be. Using our recommendations and insights, we project your potential traffic reach so you know the ROI on your efforts.
  • Recommendations Prioritization – Unsure of where to start with your recommendations? We sort them by importance, difficulty, and risk – so you can tackle them in the way that best suites your needs.


  • White label reporting – Make your reports your own, or your clients, with our white label options. You can save reports as templates to use again, and assign templates to specific client or brand needs.
  • Custom layout – Choose the data you want to share, in what order. Filter by date, search engine, and more to make each module in your report completely custom. Our easy to use drag and drop reporting center gives you the freedom to report what and how you want.
  • Exports – Every chart and graph within your GinzaMetrics dashboard can be exported in multiple formats to meet your needs, so whether you need a full report or just a snapshot graph – we’ve got you covered.
  • Scheduling – Scheduled sends to recipients of your choice mean you can “set it and forget it” when it comes to making sure all stakeholders are satisfied.