Analyze Search Trends and Review Recommendations

Now that you’ve got the basics of the GinzaMetrics dashboard down, you’re ready to view some trends and start utilizing recommendations. This information will help you improve upon existing campaigns and implement additional search and content best practices for your site.

Step 1

Review trends and take a look at performance since the beginning of your trial. Use the dashboard graphs you have become familiar with over the past few days to start to notice patterns:

SEO and content custom graphs

Hover over the labels on each chart to understand what each graph offers. While viewing your charts, you can also over items to view granular daily data for your search and content rankings.

Step 2

Review Top Keyword Activity to see whether your keywords have improved or declined. Also view which keywords seem to have the best ranking, as well as sort by which keywords have the most traffic. Optimizing for relevant keywords that are also high in search volume can help drive organic traffic to your site.

SEO dashboard keyword improvement

If your keywords have declined, take a look at the recommendations section in Step 4 to find out more information on how to improve.

Step 3

Note your Findability Score. This is a measure of your overall visibility across search engines. Set benchmarks for improvements (or maintaining) Findability Score for your site. (You can use the task button at the top of the page to set a reminder to review your progress regularly.)

search and content marketing findability score

Step 4

Review Recommendations and assign them as tasks. Using the Recommendations tab at the top of your navigation, you can view a list of suggested optimizations for your site, broken out by difficulty, risk and importance.

SEO and content marketing recommendations

You can also make task lists based on these recommendations using the Task button at the top right of the page. Group tasks for yourself as a reminder to make important updates to your site’s search and content marketing campaigns, or assign them to team members and track progress across workflows. You can also receive email notifications and reminders about tasks to ensure things stay on track.

content marketing and SEO recommendations

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