Initial Data Analysis

Your data will begin processing immediately. Monitor your account closely the first 48 hours to ensure your account is populating as you expect.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the dashboard and monitor initial data over the next few days. This is also a good time to review your existing search and content marketing plan.

A few things to be sure to take a look at:

  • Keywords in Top 3 – Found in your site-level dashboard, view the Keywords in Top 3 tab in your graph to understand how your keyword distribution is changing over time. You can change the search engine results are displayed for by using the dashboard filters at the top of the page.
    SEO dashboard keywords in top 3


  • Search Engine Performance Summary – Understand performance across various search engines including average position and position changes, keyword visits and conversions, as well as revenue.
    SEO dashboard performance summary


  • Preferred Landing Pages – PLPs are automatically set for you by GinzaMetrics, leading keyword traffic to the optimized page. You can manage PLPs easily if you would like to target new content on your site as well.
    SEO and content dashboard preferred landing pages


  • Competitors – View Rankings & Findability data for selected competitors, as well as in depth page content analysis. View valuable insights and understand how content affects ranking changes.
    SEO Competitor Analytics Dashboard

Step 2

Review current or previously set benchmarks and goals for your site’s SEO and content marketing campaigns. Over the coming week, we will dive deeper into setting goals based on performance and recommendations.

Days 2-4 Complete!

Get started with Day 5 here.