Webinar: Managing the Relationship Between SEO & Marketing

The Topic

Managing the relationship between all of the factions of marketing is a complex and constantly changing role. The additions of social media, content marketing and digital advertising practices has added to the importance and confusion around where search and marketing fit and how they can both work together to drive conversions, increase revenue and meet business goals.

During this webinar we discuss:

  • How SEO and marketing can be aligned within your organization
  • What benefits there are to search and all marketing teams working together
  • How to create internal champions for SEO and earned media
  • Best practices
  • What traction Chegg has seen from a traffic and conversion perspective by having a great relationship with marketing and executive teams

The Speakers

Ray Grieselhuber, Founder & CEO at GinzaMetrics
Marc Eberhart, Director of Ad Services at Chegg

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Want more about the webinar? Check out our blog post recap including slides from the webinar.

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