The State of SaaS and SEO

Insights and advice for entrepreneurs entering the SaaS and SEO markets


  • 1. The State of SaaS and SEO GinzaMetrics
  • 2. RAPIDLY CHANGING MARKETS SaaS is currently in a rapid state of change and SEO SaaS platforms need the staying power to keep up with two fragmented and large growth markets. The SaaS market iiis growing x3 faster than traditional software. The market has shown 30 growth consistently. SaaS has predicted annual growth of 20% through 2020.
  • 3. SEO GROWTH The growth in SEO in the next few years will be tied directly to the rise of digital marketing. While SEO is not yet a household term, it has gained the attention of professionals and is becoming part of the expected workflow. 93% of B2B content marketers use content marketing. 20% of US professionals who use the internet know SEO. As a result, the focus on search is growing.
  • 4. CHOOSE AN APPROACH Currently there are two approaches for developing SaaS platforms in the SEO market. Provide an all-in-one platform that includes 15-20 services or features in one product. 1 2 Choose a niche market and focus on one aspect of the solution.
  • 5. DIFFERENTIATED SOLUTIONS In the SEO SaaS ecosystem, brands have differentiated in two ways. Platforms that have chosen this route provide all the functionality of SEO in one place. These features include: •Keyword Tracking •Page Ranking •Daily Crawls •Competitor Analysis •Social Insights •Recommendations These niche solutions give users flexibility and challenges including: •Must cobble tools together •Individual tools address unique needs •One or two features per tool •Simple with less depth All in One Solutions One Feature Solutions
  • 6. BE STRATEGIC Successful start-ups in the SaaS space know the market and their target audience. Newcomers may experience growing pains as their market share increases and product offerings become less one dimensional. Expanding to include more audiences means risking alienating existing users. Be strategic about your growth plans.
  • 7. PIONEERING THE SCIENCE OF FINDABILITY GinzaMetrics began as an application and has grown into a multinational company pioneering the science of findability on the web. Our SaaS SEO platform delivers strategic insights and the tactics needed to implement them to the marketing and SEO departments of brands and agencies. While offering a full-service product, our niche is helping users discover themselves, their competitors, and social networks to create and promote content.
  • 8. THE META VIEW Keywords lead to content which leads to social sharing. The inverse of social is search and the inverse of search is content creation. The challenge is to show users how to get the most out of the data. New players in the SaaS ecosystem must have a macro focus and know their competition. An analytics platform that discovers the competition and tracks inbound traffic is a tool that every business should consider essential.
  • 9. HAVE DATA AVAILABLE Getting the funding you need may depend on the statistics you are able to show prospective venture capitalists. Some data you will want to have on hand include: Customer acquisition costs $ Growth rate Revenue Annual Revenue per customer Accumulated Debt Revenue per employee
  • 10. CHALLENGES TO GROWTH New start-ups in the SaaS space have great advantages and great disadvantages. Being small and nimble allows brands to quickly respond to market changes and needs. However, they must meet those needs with less resources and many challenges. At this stage, all business decisions must be intentional and take into account the trade-offs involved. Challenges to growth in SaaS companies include: •Cost of sales teams •Distribution capabilities •Small operations teams •Small marketing budgets
  • 11. WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS While all brands make ongoing decisions about customer acquisition costs and churn rates, entrepreneurs in the SaaS marketplace have a unique challenge. In this space, companies must weigh the costs and benefits of whether or not to have a sales force. The decision to pay to retain a sales force must be weighed against the importance of providing a seamless customer journey.
  • 12. BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE To answer the sales force question, some brands have eliminated sales forces altogether and have left their customers with a self-serve solution. Get Started GinzaMetrics still holds on to the belief that having a conversation about the product will give the customer a better product experience and bring more serious buyers into the sales funnel. Product = $ Getting a demo before trying the tool is one way that GinzaMetrics keeps customer service as part of its platform. Demo
  • 13. SELF-SERVICE MODEL TRADE-OFFS In this model, brands rely on free trails to bring in new customers. The trade offs look like this: A lot of new business initially- High churn rate due to poor fit of customer and brand. Freedom for customers to try the product without sales pressure- Not enough personal attention to set-up the product correctly. Low cost for brands to acquire new customers- High cost of customer churn rate. Positive image of free trail- Less positive experience with actual product usage. Everyone can try the product- Cohort groups who don’t fit their user profile.
  • 14. HEAD THIS ADVICE Catch up as fast as you can. Improve the functionality of your product. Expose your most beloved features to new users. Be intentional about your SaaS model – know the market. features
  • 15. IMPROVE ON WHAT WORKS Staying ahead in a competitive market has its challenges. For many brands, launching new tools to keep up with the competition is their answer to staying on top. = #1 Product Consider improving the tools and features already available on your platform. Remember people are using your existing functionality for a reason.
  • 16. SEVEN SAAS PITFALLS TO AVOID 1 The SaaS solution 2 is more than just product features. Market the promise, not just the product. 3 Educate the customers’ legal and procurement departments. 4 Control customer acquisition costs. 6 Ignore existing customers at your peril. 5 Develop an agile development methodology. 7 Do not avoid the CIO 1
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