Creating Custom Content on a Budget

A case study in making it yours and making it stick


Transcript of “Creating Custom Content on a Budget”

  1. CREATING on a BUDGET Custom Content
  2. 2. a CASE STUDY in making it yours & making it work
  3. 3. Why is creating custom content so challenging?
  4. 4. Creating compelling content that is findable by your audience is HARD.
  5. 5. Doing it consistently is HARDER.
  6. 6. Doing it without a budget is SHUT UP DON’T EVEN TALK TO ME.
  7. 7. but enough depressing stuff, WE CAN DO THIS
  8. 8. a CASE STUDY
  9. 9. for free based on relevant topics. or, how we make all of our content and drive inbound leads
  10. 10. SHUT UP & tell us HOW IT WORKS
  11. 11. The Basics Each week we record a 15-30 minute video using YouTube live stream / Google Hangouts. That video then becomes the basis for content that ranges from blog posts and landing pages to a podcast, Slideshares & eBooks. Those are shared across social media, email, our site, and found via search.
  12. 12. Found Friday Viewers join live We tweet live using a hashtag for the show We can take live Q&A from various channels During the show
  13. 13. Afterward, we create all of this content from one Found Friday episode Blog post Podcast Video Slideshare Landing page Found Friday episode eBook White paper and sometimes we get additional content… Case study
  14. 14. Each of those content assets can be distributed in a variety of ways FOR FREE
  15. 15. Email Social Media Search Blog post Customers Prospects Leads Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Yahoo! Bing RSS G+
  16. 16. Social Media Search Podcast Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Yahoo! Bing RSS Platforms iTunes Spreaker Stitcher Email Customers Prospects Leads Soundcloud G+ Subscribers
  17. 17. Email Social Media Search Video Customers Prospects Leads Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Yahoo! Bing RSS YouTube Vimeo
  18. 18. Email Social Media Search Landing page Customers Prospects Leads Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Yahoo! Bing
  19. 19. Blog post Podcast Video Slideshare Landing page Found Friday episode Email Social Search Email Social Search Platforms Email Social Search Email Social Search eBook Email Social Search Email Social Search Case study Email Social Search White paper Email Social Search
  20. 20. …and if you’ve got money to spend
  21. 21. you can pay for distribution of all this content too Outbrain Google AdWords Taboola Facebook LinkedIn YouTube etc.
  22. 22. how do you get started?
  23. 23. figuring out: WHY WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE HOW
  24. 24. Why? Before you rev your engine, you’re going to need a topic to talk about
  25. 25. Suggestions for sanity ➡ Try not to pick a topic that is too broad (cars) or too narrow (classic cars from 1959 that are red) ➡ Choose something that interests you or the person that’s going to be creating the content and that you already have knowledge on ➡ Figure out what will make you (or your brand) talking about this topic unique – research what other content on this topic is already out there and who is creating it
  26. 26. Who?Someone’s going to have to create this content – who’s it going to be? You? Someone else? You and someone else? A group of people? Elvis?
  27. 27. Suggestions for sanity ➡ Pick a person or group that you can rely on to fulfill their time commitment ➡ Figure out what’s unique about this person and how to leverage that best ➡ If it’s you, ask people about your best qualities and annoying habits… It only hurts for a minute
  28. 28. What?It’s time to pick your medium. Blog, podcast, video, recorded phone conversation? Any of it will work.
  29. 29. Suggestions for sanity ➡ Choose something that fits your style and availability ➡ Look for a gap in content type in your market ➡ Understand if there are things that will block you from being able to start doing this – path of lease resistance!
  30. 30. Another What? You also need to figure out what other content you’ll create from this. Decide if you’ll be creating a blog, sending an email, making it into a Slideshare, etc.
  31. 31. Suggestions for sanity ➡ Don’t bite off more than you can chew or more than you can reasonably delegate to other people – check with their availability first and don’t over commit ➡ Figure out what types of content around this topic are already out there, who’s creating them, and what their spin is ➡ make sure what you choose to do is unique and satisfies an audience need.
  32. 32. When?You’ll need a frequency. How often are you willing to do the inital content generator, how long do you need to create all the subsequent content and distribute it?
  33. 33. Suggestions for sanity ➡ Consider starting out with bi-monthly or monthly to get the timing down ➡ You will need to prepare for the initial content creation each time with notes, images, research ➡ The content you create afterward is also usually time-consuming, especially if you want to create graphics, do video editing, etc.
  34. 34. Where? Where is this going to live? Do you need a YouTube channel? Podcast host? Batcave?
  35. 35. Suggestions for sanity ➡ Consider the ease of content “manipulation” in your selection – how hard is it to edit the video, sound, images, etc. ➡ Consider ownership – does it live on your domain or elsewhere? ➡ Think about ease of access by others who may need to edit, view, use the content
  36. 36. How? How are you going to distribute the content? Will you use social media, email, carrier pigeon?
  37. 37. Suggestions for sanity ➡ Check for hashtags, subdomains, Facebook pages, etc. that you might want beforehand ➡ Discuss distribution internally with anyone involved beforehand ➡ Think about how you’ll group and track this content to analyze and show effectiveness
  38. 38. Time to hit the road

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