Reporting Center

The GinzaMetrics reporting center provides you a place to create, manage, and share custom reporting options that highlight your wins.

Custom Reporting Solutions

Creating custom reports gives you the power to highlight wins, showcase campaigns, and explain complex marketing issues with detailed data and annotations.

Using the GinzaMetrics reporting center, you can customize your content marketing and SEO data including the following areas:

  • Create themes that match your brand including logo and header
  • Customize reports based on campaigns, data type, or recipient so that each person receives the information that they need and nothing they don’t
  • Specify recipients and scheduling so that you’re anticipating needs and never caught behind – schedule sends as needed or on pre-set timeframes to match your needs

Choose your charts and details

We give you the controls with our modular reporting system, meaning for each data type you can customize by:

  • Timeframe – select from custom date ranges, or date presets that will auto-update for you
  • Search engine – Choose from search engines and devices to get granular information for your marketing content and campaigns
  • Conversion – Select from your conversion types to see information sorted by what makes your audience tick
  • Keyword and Content Groups – Choose from your keyword and content groups to set up campaign reports

Mix and Match Report Modules

Pick the modules that deliver the data story you need to tell based on the stakeholders you’re sending to and campaigns you’re reporting.

Your custom modules include:

  • Marketing channel performance
  • All organic visits and rankings
  • All organic visits comparison
  • Goal completions
  • Organic visits and rankings – tracked keywords
  • Revenue and rankings – tracked keywords
  • Findability Score trends
  • Average ranking trends
  • Ranking distribution
  • Recommendations summary
  • Traffic summary
  • Search engine performance summary
  • Top improvements
  • Keyword details
  • Keyword group details
  • Competitor social landscape
  • Content performance: Social insights
  • Content performance: Search insights
  • Content performance: Search rankings
  • Preferred landing pages performance
  • Ranking trends
  • Search engine comparisons
  • Recommendations for your content & SEO
  • Page indexing
  • Inbound links
  • Linking domains
  • Anchor text
  • Annotations
  • Custom text and images