Content Groups

Use Content Groups to create groups of content for comparison, campaign, or monitoring purposes.

Creating a Content Group

Creating a content group is simple. In your site dashboard, visit the Site Settings tab in the top navigation and select Content Groups.

Once you click on Content Group, you will be taken to the settings page where you can create a new group of content for the chosen site. (If you are working with multiple sites or geographic instances, you will need to create content groups for each site.)

Content groups can be used for campaigns, product lines, feature sets, audience targeting, content types (such as a blog) or other marketing needs.

Setting up a content group

To get your content group set up, first ensure that all content / pages that you want to track are being tracked in GinzaMetrics.

Simply add a content group name, and then select matching title and matching URL rules. Use commas to separate titles and domains – so you can add multiple items to each field.

If there is new content that you will be releasing with your campaign, you can add the content in the Site Settings drop down by selecting Content. Simply add the URL and any targeted keywords for the page. You can also add content directly to a content group from this page as well. Pages can be added to up to three content groups at a time from this screen.

Viewing Content Groups

Now that you’ve set up content groups, you are ready to view them in the dashboard.

There are multiple ways to view content groups in the platform, including:

  • Filters – Use the filters located at the top of your dashboard in the Insights > Content area and select the content group icon to view data for one specific content group only.
  • Reports – Create content and campaign reporting by selecting a specific content group in each reporting module.
  • Organic Search Chart – In the Insights > Content tab, select Groups instead of pages in the organic search chart at the bottom of the page to view content data broken out by each group.