Competitor Audience Insights

View competitor social and offsite content data across marketing channels and see how you stack up in gaining audience share of voice.

What is the Competitor Audience Insights Chart?

Competitor audience insights is your hub of social and offsite content for your industry. You can keep tabs on movement including increases, decreases, and new competitors across a number of marketing channels.

An easy-t0-use grid layout shows you the performance for your brand / sites as well as competitors across channels including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • SlideShare
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Competitor Insights At-A-Glance

View where your target audience is getting their information on the topics that matter to your brand. Using your chosen competitors, target keywords, and marketing content, you can see how social and offsite content are contributing to findability for what matters most to your brand, customers, and potential consumers.

Add and arrange competitors easily within the chart to change views and make reporting simple. One click is all you need to change competitors in your chart.

Use the green highlighted text to quickly gauge who is currently at the top of audience awareness for topics your brand cares about. Each channel has a clear “winner” highlighted with green text and a check mark.