Powerful Enterprise Grade SEO

One size has never fit all.  Get the platform you need, customized to your business and integrated into the tools you already use.

Agencies – manage multiple clients

You don’t want to manage each of your clients separately. Manage all your clients in one place with our customizable views and reports.

Set up branded data views and automatic reports for all your clients.

Prove client return on investment

Show value added by providing dashboard views and reports with your logo and company name. Consistently show your contribution to your client’s bottom line with reports that are automatically delivered to the clients and team members you specify.

Personalize your data

Use our custom dashboards to deliver timely information to executives, clients, and fellow team members. Include your commentary to provide context around every aspect of campaign performance and to offer your expertise and advice.

Enterprise – use a scalable solution

Keep track of multiple sites, multiple product lines, and multiple teams.

Avoid toggling back and forth to see results for multiple sites. View all the data for all your sites in one place. Manage  individual team members with user permissions that allow them to see only what they need to see and what you want them to see.

Have all your data delivered your way

Use a dashboard that gives you all the most important information for you and your brand where you want it. Why try to conform to the needs of the platform? Choose a platform that delivers the data you want in the way you want it. The GinzaMetrics dashboard is completely customizable to fit your needs.

Get the flexibility you need

We let you choose what’s important to you, including:

  • Dashboard layout
  • A choice of analytics integrations
  • Scalable data collection
    • Number of pages
    • Keyword volume
    • Daily crawls

Stay up to date

Search engine algorithms change all the time – don’t be surprised by bad data. We change our algorithms when the search engines change theirs. You’ll always get the best data based on the most recent metrics.

Integrate to keep your workflow flowing

It’s too hard to toggle back and forth between tools. We’ll integrate our platform to whatever tools you’re already using.

Some common integrations:

  • Social signals
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Multiple website analytics platforms