GinzaMetrics Plans & Pricing

Custom plans for every brand, with pricing starting at $499 a month. Qualify for a free trial using the form below.


$1499 a month

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Perfect for small to medium enterprises or agencies that have outgrown using several smaller tools to complete SEO and marketing analytics tasks.

4,000 keywords

20 tracked competitors (up to 4/site)

Unlimited keyword  & content groups

10 tracked sites w/ analytics accounts

Free historical data backfill for sites


$2999 a month

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Great for larger enterprises and agencies with multiple sites and bigger teams who need insights, action plans, tasks, and deeper reporting.

10,000 keywords

200 tracked competitors (up to 4/site)

Unlimited keyword  & content groups

100 tracked sites w/ analytics accounts

Free historical data backfill for all sites



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A fully customizable option that allows for various integrations and layouts with unlimited options for your organization.

Unlimited users

Unlimited keywords

Unlimited tracked competitors

Unlimited keyword  & content groups

Unlimited tracked sites w/ analytics accounts

All GinzaMetrics plans include

Unlimited users

Unlimited site audits

Unlimited custom dashboards

Free white labeling of reports and dashboards

Keyword Discovery & Competitor Discovery

Your plan also comes with

Ginza Academy & Onboarding Center

Email support

Google Analytics integration

Webmaster Tools integration

Easy anytime upgrades

Ginza Academy & Onboarding Center

Email & phone support

Google Analytics integration

Webmaster Tools integration

Site Catalyst integration

All options in Premium plan plus the following

Ginza Academy, Onboarding Center, & account manager

Ad campaign intelligence

Priority response

CMS, CRM and custom integrations

What else comes with the platform?


With hundreds or thousands of possible SEO fixes possible, it’s hard to know where to start first. We rank your recommendations in order of importance, ease of implementation, and risk. To make sure you’re able to address your priorities, we allow you to further sort SEO recommendations by content or keyword groups, giving you the opportunity to optimize what’s most important to you now.

Improve your findability with recommendations for keywords, content, page structure, and crawlability at the site and page level.


Link data

Because there is a  direct correlation between the quantity and quality of links to your site and your overall SEO value, we give you the highest quality and most comprehensive link data available. We provide:

  • Competitive backlink analysis
  • Internal link analysis
  • External link data


Moz & Ahrefs

Toggling back and forth between SEO accounts is frustrating and a waste of time, so we include MOZ or Ahrefs data. If you have a different data provider, we can create a customized integration to give you all your data in one place.


City, State, and Neighborhood Search

Since the Penguin update of 2014 and the growing popularity of mobile devices, brands of all sizes have seen the importance of local search data. We created a suite of local search tools that give you the insights into all your content across targeted locations, regardless of rank. We allow you to  compare your brand’s performance on search engines and devices to better understand how to improve findability.


Mobile Optimization

How are your audiences finding you? We give you the answer by allowing you to identify which devices you’d like to track in addition to desktop devices including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android phone
  • Android tablet

Using our mobile search data and local search data, you’ll know who is looking for, and finding you, where they are, and what device they’re using. Getting local and mobile data together, you can optimize your website and your content to improve your findability and beat the competition.

Multiple channel monitoring

You’ll want to see how all your marketing efforts are contributing to traffic, conversions, and findability and compare them side by side. Our dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview while allowing you to drill down to the nitty gritty to get the most granular data available.


Competitor intelligence

Beat the competition! Use our competitor intelligence to track rank, keyword data, content, social media, and more compared to others in your industry. In addition to giving you the spyware you need to watch the competitors you know, our proprietary Competitor Discovery Tool finds the competitors you aren’t aware of yet who may be stealing your audience share and threaten to outrank you in the SERPs.


Local Data

Track your performance with our global and local SEO search data. Whether you want to see your search results from a different country, or a different neighborhood, we provide the search data you need.


International Search

Know how you’re ranking across all marketing channels in international markets. We keep you connected to your global markets by gathering search engine results in 650 countries and on the major international search engines including:

  • Baidu
  • Yandex
  • Sogou
  • Qihoo 360
  • Daum
  • Naver
  • Local instances of Google



If you’re looking for a lightweight solution we’ve got one. Our GinzaLight option is $499/month and includes 800 keywords, access to two tracked competitors, social media monitoring, and unlimited users and reports. For more information, contact