Understanding Findability for Your Content

Drive revenue and increase traffic with better content findability by your target audience. 

Whether you’re tasked with a single marketing channel or the entire process, understanding how your brand and its content is found is key to making strategic decisions.

We cover all the channels driving traffic to your content

With the marketing Channel Performance Insights chart, you can view:

  • Organic /search engine
  • Email
  • Paid search
  • Comparison shopping engines
  • Social media
  • Affiliate sites
  • Mobile
  • Retargeting
  • Display ads
  • And more

Interactive charts provide the details you need

To make sure you get the most data possible to make decisions, all charts in the GinzaMetrics dashboard come with interactive capabilities.

Hovering over a section provides information such as the total number of visits to content from a channel, as well as the percentage of total visits driven by that channel. Also displayed is the total number of visits on that particular day (week or month depending on the filter selected.)

Hovering over any graph in the Ginza platform will reveal additional data or information about the graph itself. 

Interact with graphs by clicking into segments to reveal granular insights and analytics.

Clicking into a segment of a chart will open a pop-up window that provides additional detail. For example, clicking into Social in the Marketing Channel Performance Chart will reveal every social media channel that is currently driving traffic to your content.

The list also breaks out the difference in mobile versions of channels – so it will include separate listings for m.facebook.com versus Facebook.com for the most accurate information possible. 

Create custom data views

You can create custom data views in GinzaMetrics by using your dashboard filters to select:

  • Date ranges
  • Date granularity
  • Filter by keyword/topic groups
  • Content groups and campaigns
  • Conversions
  • Keyword ranking

You can also create custom dashboards and custom reports for individuals or teams within your platform using drag and drop modules. This means everyone can see just the information they need and you can share only the data you want.

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