Keyword Insights

Get keyword insights to track the content, competitors, and conversions associated with your relevant keywords. Access Keyword Insights graphs and charts using the dashboard navigation option Insights, and selecting keywords.

Top 3 Keywords and Average Rank Charts

Top 3 Keywords chart gives at-a-glance insight into the rise and fall of your tracked keywords on a daily basis. The chart is color-coded to clearly differentiate between keyword rankings. See the keywords in the top spot, and those ranking in the top 3, top 10, top 30, and top 50.

Click into any of the rankings on the bar to get granular data about the keywords and associated content. You can view keyword specific data by rank including:

  • Ranking buckets – how many keywords are ranked in a particular postion
  • Specific keywords – which keywords are ranking in that position
  • URL – the specific URL associated with the keyword
  • Search engine – the search engine where the keyword is ranking and the rank of that keyword
  • Change – the number of positions the keyword has increased or declined
  • Searches – how many times that keyword has been searched
  • Visits – how many visits generated by a particular keyword
  • Conversions – the conversions created by keyword
  • Revenue – the revenue created as a result of that keyword

Average Rank chart compares your daily ranking to your competitors. Simply hover over your own rank or that of your competition and see the daily average rank and track changes over time.

Findabilty Score and Tracked Organic Visits Charts

How visible are you compared to your competitors? Has your visibility increased or decreased over time? Has your competitor started to command more of the search volume?

Findability Score chart uses a proprietary algorithm to give you the answers you need. Get at-a-glance insights into your visibility across the three major search channels as compared to your competitors. Hover over any score and get an exact rank for you or the competition.

Tracked Organic Visits chart keeps you updated on the daily traffic you generated through organic search. Watch for increases or decreases in overall organic visits as well as visits by search engine. When you want to see what is driving traffic to your site, click on any bar and get search engine data including:

  • Number of keywords that contributed to organic visits
  • Number of visits from a particular search engine on a specific day
  • Specific keyword that generated the search
  • URL of the landing page found
  • Ranking position
  • Amount of increase or decrease in rank of that keyword
  • How many searches that keyword generated
  • Resulting visits from the keyword
  • Conversions and revenue from the keyword search

Conversions and Revenue Charts

Conversions charts let you know which search engine is bringing in the most conversions. View total daily conversions as well as conversions by search engine in one chart while keeping an eye on your current ranking. Hover over any bar in the conversion chart to see:

  • Number of total daily conversions
  • Number of conversions broken out by search engine
  • Percentage of conversions by search engine

When you’re ready to take a deeper dive, click anywhere on any bar to see:

  • Which keyword drove the conversion
  • URL associated with the initial search
  • Number of visits associated with the keyword
  • Number of conversions created by the keyword
  • Revenue gained as a result

Revenue charts allows E-commerce sites to track daily revenue by search engine at the keyword level. Click in to see dollar amounts by keyword. Generate reports to show ROI based on search results and keywords.

Keyword and Keyword Groups Tables

Keyword table lists your keywords in order, beginning with your highest performers by search engine. We integrate with Google Webmaster Tools to show keyword results by:

  • Average position
  • Number of impressions
  • Number of clicks
  • Click through rates

Predict your future results. Our proprietary algorithm provides not only your search volume, but the projected monthly traffic for each keyword listed.

Clicking on the individual keyword leads you on a deeper dive into the average rank and findability score for any selected keyword.

Our landing page chart shows the title of the landing page, or pages, that ranked for the listed keyword as well as:

  • Search engine ranking position
  • Social media interactions
  • Website visits
  • Page views
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion and revenue
  • SERP data by search engine or device

Create keyword groups for campaigns, types of content, geography, time frames, or any other group you designate.

Keyword Group table let’s you track the groups you created to discover keywords, rankings, and search volume. We also allow you to track your keyword groups for conversions and revenue.

Search Engines and PLP Report Tables

Search Engines table lets you view all your keywords and monitor their performance on each of the three main search engines. Red and green indicators show keyword ranking decreases and increases along with the exact number of positions the keyword has risen or fallen.

If you’re wondering which specific pieces of content are driving traffic, or declining, simply click on the keyword for a the exact URL associated with the search traffic.

PLP Reports table daily preferred landing page insights allow you to manage the pages you own, or have control over, to ensure that your best performing keywords are driving traffic to your preferred landing pages. Retain control over your customer’s journey by knowing if the ranking URL matches the keyword you set to drive traffic to that page. We’ll give you a green check if it does, and a red X if it needs to be fixed.

Our interactive dashboard allows you to click in for the more granular views to see your keywords ranked against competitors and keyword SERP data. A popover menu shows you the system recommended PLP, the PLP you set, and the actual PLP found by the search engines. Our filters help you manage your workflow by showing the highest priority items to work on.

Ranking Trends and Competitors Tables

Ranking Trends table makes watching trends over time easy. We’ll show you the exact ranking postion for each of your keywords for any 10 day period you choose. Scan for red numbers to know which keywords are declining and green numbers for improving keyword rankings. You’ll also see the number of searches and visits associated with each keyword. Click on any keyword to see the exact landing page, associated social shares, and competitor comparisons.

Competitors table keeps you ahead of the competition.  Are your competitors ranking for your keywords? Have their rankings risen or fallen? Have their results created a decrease in your rank position? Our competitors table answers all those questions in one place. Compare your keyword results with up to five competitors of your choosing and track rankings over time.

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