Keyword Insights for Better Content Marketing

Discover the latest in keyword best practices to improve your search, social, content, and paid marketing efforts

Keyword Best Practices
for Improving Brand Findability

Keyword stuffing is dead, but elegant keyword strategy is not. The best content is built on a foundation of keywords relevant to target audiences.

Keyword best practices include:

  • Knowing which keywords and content are driving traffic to your site.
  • Knowing which keywords are driving traffic to your competitor’s site.
  • Use keywords to determine trending topics.
  •  Inform strategic content marketing decisions with keywords tracking and discovery.


Learn about why rank matters, what data to use, and how to use it here.

Semantic Search:
Leveraging the Long-tail For Marketing Content

Google is increasingly selective about keeping context and searcher intent at the forefront.

Successful content marketers are:

  • Not solely relying on lists of individual keywords.
  • Developing lists of less competitive, highly specific search terms.
  • Optimizing content at the keyword and topic levels.
  • Engaging their target audiences with relevant content.


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Keyword & Content Groups
Improve Marketing Intelligence

You can’t accurately measure your content marketing efforts if you’re tracking each piece of content and each keyword separately.

Use keyword and content groups to:

  • Organize your content by the categories that matter to you.
  • Manage and streamline the process
  • Get the data you need
  • Inform your strategic decisions.


Learn more about how keyword and content groups can help here.

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Improve Social Media Posts and Engagement
with Search Keywords

If search keywords are informing your search and content efforts, shouldn’t they be informing your social media efforts, as well?

Use search keywords to:

  • Reach your target audiences with the answers to their questions.
  • Match your answers to the language they’re using.
  • Leverage the topics your audiences are talking about.
  • Improve your social media efforts.
  • Beat the competition.


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