Keyword And Topic Discovery

Create content to get your brand found online. Use keyword performance data to track the popularity of current and past content and discover keywords and topics to use in future content.

Elevate your keywords and content

If your overall search results are very different from the results based on your target keywords, you may be missing keywords that your audience associates with your brand.

Know which keywords and content rank at the top

You’ll want to capitalize on what’s already working. Use our top 3 keyword ranking tool to discover your most popular keywords and the content associated with them.

Discover popular keywords for your audiences

No need to lift a finger. Our keyword discovery tool will automatically find the keywords your audience is using when they search for you. Once discovered, use popular keywords to create content to reach your audience.

Improve your results

Make adjustments in your content to regain or improve your ranking, Our recommendations page is a good place to start optimizing your content.

Track your findability and improve onsite content.

Our proprietary findability score gives you insight into your overall visibility. If your score is low, make improvements to landing pages, content, and onsite SEO.

Create keyword groups

Group your keywords to capture long tail search and monitor the success of content types. Group your keywords by: campaigns, products, brands, geography, features, competitors, any other group you designate.

Monitor competitors and content

Make decisions based on specific content and competitor data. Compare your successes to those of your competitors.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Our average rank tool will show you how your site compares to your competitor’s site based on the keywords you’re monitoring.

Know which content is driving traffic.

Get granular data to know exactly which content is being found for which keywords. Our interactive dashboard gives you a quick overview and the ability to click in for a deeper dive to discover the exact page that is performing for tracked keywords. Repurpose popular content to drive more traffic.

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