Found Friday episodes to understand your audience and improve engagement

A collection of Found Friday videos that will help you to know your audience and their needs better

Use search and social data to create effective audience personas

Use search data to understand your audience and create better personas for content engagement.

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Creating better personas to improve content marketing impact

Is always reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message an attainable goal?

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Creating landing pages that stick

Follow the five W’s and an H as a rule of thumb for creating landing pages that drive traffic and conversions.

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Cooperative content creation

Create more engaging and authentic content by letting your customers tell their own stories.

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How to use marketing intelligence to prevent churn

Long-term growth means you have to retain existing customers and hopefully build a base of brand evangelists. 

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What happens when content doesn’t go your way?

What to do when presentations, guest speakers, social media, and press releases don’t get the expected results.

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