Found Friday episodes to manage reporting and workflow

A collection of Found Friday videos that will help you automate, customize, and improve your marketing and SEO reporting and workflows.

Ways to automate your marketing and SEO reporting

Automate your marketing and SEO reporting to gather better insights and improve productivity.

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Part 2: Ways to automate your marketing and SEO reporting for improved insights and productivity

The second part of a two part series on how to automate reporting to get better, faster insights.

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Baking SEO into the entire digital marketing lifecycle

Improve overall marketing efforts by using search data at every phase of a marketing campaign.

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Winning business with pre-sales audits for SEO and content agencies

How pre-sales audits can help digital marketing and SEO agencies win business, avoid pitfalls, and reduce costs.

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The challenge of workflow management

Create a workflow that effectively measures KPIs and allows for strategic reporting and planning.

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Workflow and challenges for agencies with Stuart Butler

The challenges of effective workflow and task management for agencies and their clients and breaking barriers between siloed departments.

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