Found Friday episodes to keep you ahead of search engine changes

A collection of Found Friday videos that will help you stay ahead of  constantly changing search engines

Universal Search: What’s influencing where you appear in the SERPs?

Relevant search results now include a lot of things ahead of your organic content. 

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Marketing in the mobile friendly environment

Has the emphasis on mobile changed the way marketers think about content creation and measurement? 

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Penguin 3 – What updates mean for marketers

Penguin 3 and other updates – what are they and what do they mean to content marketers?

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Semantic Search: Turning long-tail keywords into content

Semantic search is changing the way we consider the use of keywords and how marketers optimize for semantic search.

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The state of search and content

The effect of Google algorithm changes, such as Hummingbird, on search and content marketing.

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Get mobile and search insights

Insights into increasing brand findability and optimizing for mobile search.

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