Found Friday episodes to improve earned and paid efforts with search data

A collection of Found Friday videos that will help you use search data to get more from your earned and paid efforts

Public relations and SEO

Leslie Campisi discusses the convergence of marketing, public relations, and search.

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The intersection of PR and search

The similarities between PR and search and how Hotwire helps clients to understand the purpose of each.

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Tracking KPIs for public relations and social media

What’s happening with PR and tracking KPIs, especially in the social media arena.

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Keyword data that informs better paid media opportunities

How SEO and paid campaigns can benefit from shared keyword insights.

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The convergence of paid and owned media

Content marketing and advertising work together to optimize content, get found, and create a customer-centric journey.

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Multi-channel search and content marketing

Paid and organic optimization and cross channel marketing optimization and attribution.

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