Found Friday episodes to help you beat the competition

A collection of Found Friday videos that will help you use insights into your competitors and their content to win back your audience

Best practices – Competitor analysis for better marketing and SEO

Keep track of your competitors and discover new or niche competitors. Harness the power of competitor data to improve your own findability.

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The art of spycraft – competitor marketing and intelligence

Know who is competing with you for audience attention and how to use competitor intelligence to guide your strategic content marketing decisions.

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How to find competitors and outrank them

Your competitors include more than just those competing with you for sales. Find the brands who are interfering with your message and outrank them.

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Mining competitor data for content ideas

Use competitor keyword and content data to mine some idea nuggets that are already resonating with your audiences and use them to beat the competition.

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Win back your audiences with competitor insights

Create and use content and competitor groups to get better insights into how your content is contributing to the organization’s bottom line.

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Finding competitors and their content

Tips on how to use GinzaMetrics SEO and marketing intelligence platform to discover competitors, monitor them, and improve your own marketing efforts.

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