We know your data and insights are important to you, and often to other stakeholders as well. That’s why we offer enterprise support to all of our customers, with lots of options to access information in the way that works for you.



We have created a resources section that is filled with various educational materials at your fingertips. Items include:

  • Case Studies – See how marketing and SEO professionals are achieving goals like competitor intelligence, optimized content, and SEO with GinzaMetrics.
  • eBooks – Read some of our free eBooks based on our industry experience and data. eBooks are always free and can be shared with your team.
  • White Papers – Download whitepapers that provide best practices in search and content marketing strategy.
  • Videos – View FOUND Friday episodes, past webinars, and product information from our video series.
  • SlideShares – See slide decks that outline best practices, workflows, and other helpful tips for making the most of your marketing and SEO strategy.

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We’ve got plenty of marketing and SEO information to share.

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You want to get started with your marketing and search strategy dashboard quickly. We’re here to help make sure you, as well as any team members and stakeholders, all get the information needed to make the most of the platform ASAP.

  • Demos – Schedule a demo with one of our team members, where we can discuss your goals and KPIs, then walk through how to accomplish them using the platform.
  • Videos – Check out our videos that provide feature overviews for some added context.
  • Web-based – Use our onboarding guide, viewable directly from the Resource Center, to walk through various aspects of the product and get going quickly.
  • Custom Onboarding – We offer custom onboarding solutions to our enterprise and custom plan users. From in person training, to webinars and team events, we can get you and your team ramped up at any pace.


When it comes to search and content marketing, there are plenty of questions. We’ve built an FAQs section to get on-demand answers to questions we hear a lot. We’ve got information about common topics such as:

  • Using your GinzaMetrics dashboard
  • The evolution of search
  • Why search, content and social are so closely intertwined

If you have questions that aren’t in the FAQs section, we’re always happy to help with those as well. Simply visit the Contact page and let us know how we can help.


Sometimes you and your team may want to speak with someone directly. We want it to be someone who knows your account, your needs, and the challenges that marketers face today.

  • Knowledgeable Staff – Everyone on our staff is empowered to help you solve problems and is an expert in the GinzaMetrics platform. This means that no matter the time of day – there’s a person here who can help you.
  • Onboarding – If you’re looking for one-to-one help getting onboarded from someone dedicated to your account, your account manager is on call.
  • Beyond Basics – From the simplest of suggestions to the most complex of queries, we’ve got a team member here that will help guide you. Whether this means helping you develop workflows for your dashboard, setting up campaigns, or taking product suggestions – we’ve got you covered.


Getting in touch with help on your account, or just questions about search and content marketing in general, is not one size fits all – so we’ve got plenty of options for you to get in touch, and stay in touch, with the GinzaMetrics team.

  • Email – Of course you can always email us. You can use our handy contact form, speak directly with your account manager, or send a note to the Founder & CEO, Ray.
  • Phone – Not only do we have a toll free number for you to dial, our account management and executive staff are also here to take your calls.
  • Chat – Looking for some real-time text based help? We’ve got that too!
  • Video – Great for demos, troubleshooting, or just getting to know your account management team. We are happy to hop on a live video call to assist.
  • Smoke Signal – Don’t see your preferred method of contact? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can accommodate.
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