Management and Reporting

Each company, department, and person has unique requirements of their dashboard. We’ve built GinzaMetrics to deliver an experience that is completely customizable to you. Now your marketing is done your way, from reporting to workflow. Take a look below for more details on how to make GinzaMetrics your own.



We provide a reporting center that is unparalleled to showcase your efforts and ROI whenever, however you need it.

  • White label options – Make your reports look like your brand, including titles, logos, and more.
  • Drag and drop modules – Pick the data you want to include, then use our drag and drop editor to put it in the order that works for you.
  • Custom fields and filters – Choose date ranges, columns to include, and more for each module within your reports to get the view that highlights your campaigns, content and results.
  • Scheduled sends – Stop hassling with weekly and monthly reporting needs. Select regularly scheduled reporting or one-time sends to recipients you specify. We offer a number of custom timelines and sending options.
  • Add context – Using our notes and annotations features you can add context, reminders, and other important information to your reports with ease.


There’s a lot to manage for marketers. From content creation to SEO to social media – keeping track of all the elements that make campaigns successful requires a process that works for you. We’re here to help.

  • Tasks and task lists – Create task lists and add to-do items to them to create an organized way to view all of your content needs.
  • Task assignment – From anywhere in the dashboard you can create and assign a new task to a team member or stakeholder.
  • Annotations – Add extra information for context throughout the dashboard.
  • Notes – Place notes in your reports and exports to ensure you paint a clear picture. Notes can include text, lists, charts, videos, pictures and more.
  • Exports – Export any element of your dashboard instantly in a format that is shareable your way including PDF, Excel, csv and more.


We love our brand, but we also love your brand – and that’s why we want you to show it off every chance you get. Here are some ways you can make GinzaMetrics your own:

  • Dashboard – Add your own logo and design to the dashboard for internal or client branding needs. Check out the custom dashboard section below for more on designing a dashboard based on your needs.
  • Reports – All reports can be white labeled to resemble your corporate look and feel. White labeled reports can be saved as templates for quick future use.
  • Exports – Make all of your exports look like your own with custom options in PDF, Excel and csv formats.


Whether you’re a marketing manager, content creator, SEO pro, or executive – we can create custom views for you.

  • Custom views – Add the charts, graphs and elements that you want, arranged in the order that you need for your own custom dashboard of critical elements.
  • Permission setting – Share client, contractor or executive dashboards that house only pertinent information.
  • Enterprise data – We offer custom data options for our enterprise users. If you have a need or idea – let us know and we’ll work with you to make it happen.


Drill down into data your way, with multiple filtering options – the views of your insights and analytics are endless.

  • Date range – Select pre-determined ranges such as week, month or quarter, or create custom date ranges for specific viewing needs.
  • Search engine – Filter your data by search engine options determined by your preferences or geographic location.
  • Conversions – Choose to see conversions that you’ve set up in your web analytics platform, such as shopping cart completions, transactions, downloads, and more.
  • Keyword groups – View your data by the specific keyword groups that you’ve set up for campaigns, product lines, brands, and more.
  • Device – Filter by device type such as desktop, tablet or mobile. Specific views for Apple and Android devices are also available.