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We can help you discover, monitor, and analyze your competitors

We’ll show you competitor search, content, and social data in one dashboard!

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We’ll not only monitor the competitors  you know about but we’ll discover up-and-comers or periphery companies you haven’t even considered so that you can make sure you’re always positioned to win. Use our competitor discovery option to find new sites to keep an eye on. In this section you can view data about these potential competitors, including:

  • Competitor Name & URL
  • Findability Score
  • Search Volume
  • Total CPC
  • Average CPC
  • Projected Monthly Traffic
  • Average Rank
  • Matched Keywords (keywords that match your target keywords)
  • Pages (pages they have that are competing with your site / brand)
  • Site-level comparisons (compare to your own site)

You can also view discovered competition by keyword / topic groups. This means when you create keyword groups for products, campaigns, features, brands or other areas of your business – you can discover competitors based solely on these items.

Learn more about Competitor Discovery here.


From monitoring to intelligence you can use to drive strategic marketing decisions, Ginza has you covered.

  • Keyword and topic insights – Understand how your competitors are performing for the keywords and topics that are important to your brand. Follow their change in rank, view how much traffic you’re receiving, and make decisions about where to place marketing and search emphasis.
  • Content intelligence – Monitor the content that competitors are creating to attract your target audience and understand what is working so you can adjust your content accordingly.
  • Competitor landscape – View the competitor landscape from a social and ranking perspective so you can see who is making moves, decide on social outreach, and develop a winning search strategy for your marketing.
  • Audience insights – See the full social profile of your competitors compared to your own. View followers, fans, likes, and views for social channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.


Keep an eye on competitors and industry movements with our daily competitor monitoring insights.

  • Daily tracking – Today content shifts in an instant, so you need a platform that is built to deliver updates often to keep you ahead of the game. Ginza crawls content across your site and competitors daily so you get the industry edge.
  • Findability Score – Track findability versus the competition with our proprietary Findability Score – a real measure of what audiences are most likely to discover when they search for solutions to their problems.
  • Social media signals – Social media’s continued growing role in marketing means you need to know not only how you’re performing but how others in your industry are doing as well. How are they driving traffic with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and more.
  • Keyword & topic activity – Monitor the top activity for content across targeted keywords by tracking the biggest gains and losses for you and your competitors.
  • Ranking trends – Understand current rank and ranking trends daily for you and your competitors so you can understand how daily search algorithm updates affect your findability.
    Understand current rank and ranking trends daily for you and your competitors so you can understand how daily search algorithm updates affect your findability. – See more at:!