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Get the intelligence you need from daily data updates across search, content, social and competitors.



Dive into the keywords and topics that are driving traffic to your site, understand how the content you’re creating fits in with what audiences are searching for, and discover new topics and keywords that you should consider adding to your targets.

  • Keyword Discovery – GinzaMetrics uses proprietary algorithms to discover new keywords and topics that you should be tracking for your target audience based on the types of content you’re creating and what is driving traffic to it.
  • Groups – Create keyword and topic groups that correspond to campaigns, products, brands, geographies, features, competitors – or anything else you can think of! You can sort all of the data in your dashboard by keyword group to understand and segment performance at this granular level.
  • Keyword Imports – Don’t despair if you have tons of keywords and topics that you’d like to target – let GinzaMetrics import keywords from your analytics provider and sync with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Traffic – View traffic, search volume, impressions, clicks, conversions and more for your keywords and keyword groups.
  • Predicted Traffic – Get insights on the potential volume for your targeted keywords with projected monthly traffic estimates so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Ranking Trends – Understand current rank and ranking trends daily for you and your competitors so you can understand how daily search algorithm updates affect your site and brand findability.
  • Search Engines – Sort your keywords by selected search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, Sogou, Yandex, and Qihoo 360.
  • Findability Score – View your Findability Score versus competitors for your tracked keywords and keyword groups.


Get to know how each piece of content is helping drive traffic, engage with customers, and provide ROI for your marketing efforts. Your GinzaMetrics dashboard will give you all the data you need to make strategic decisions.

  • Search data – See detailed search data for each of your pages to understand how SEO efforts are paying off.
  • Traffic Metrics – View valuable data for your content including: Visits, pageviews, new visitors, bounce rate, and conversions.
  • Projected Monthly Traffic – Spend your time on pages that have a good chance of getting seen for your targeted keywords with projected monthly traffic insight.
  • Preferred Landing Pages (PLPs) – View recommended target landing pages for your keywords and select preferred landing pages of your own that match campaign and marketing goals. You can also choose to have GinzaMetrics select preferred landing pages for you with our automated system that will keep up with content changes and adapt accordingly.
  • Recommended Target Keywords and Target Keyword Selection – GinzaMetrics will show you recommended target keywords as well as letting you select specific target keywords. Keyword recommendations can drive new topic ideas for new content for your brand.
  • Indexing – View indexing data at the content level including: links to the page, anchor text, targeted keyword, follow and image data.
  • External Links – Get link data for each page, such as page and domain authority for inbound and linking domains.


Maximize the role that social plays in getting your content found by your target audiences. We incorporate social media insights throughout the platform to deliver data you can use to make strategic decisions.

  • Social Traffic – See how social is driving traffic to your content and creating conversions of your audience members. We incorporate information including total number of visits, pageviews, new visitors and conversions coming from social media to your content.
  • Social Sharing – View the popularity of content through sharing on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to see how it plays a role in your findability.
  • Industry Audience Landscape – See how all of your competitors are doing across social media and understand how their content’s shareability is affecting your traffic and conversions. Your Audience Landscape is broken out by social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and G+. You can add, move, and remove competitors to customize your view.


Gain the insights needed to beat your competitors, drive more traffic and increase conversions for your brand.

  • Findability Score – Track how easy it is for audiences to find your content versus competitors with Findability Score.  This proprietary algorithm is a good way to understand how you and other industry competitors are attracting customers using target keywords.
  • Top Keyword Activity – View the list of keywords that have seen the highest change in rank for your competitors to spot trends, where they are placing emphasis, and understand where audiences may be going next.
  • Social Signals – See social channel data for your competitors including followers, likes, fans and more in a single chart compared across your industry.
  • Competitor Discovery – Find competitors that are newly emerging, part of niche groups, or maybe just not on your radar yet. Then select whether you want to add them to your list of monitored competitors and compare your analytics.
  • Ranking Trends – View changes in rank across your target keywords for all of your competitors so you can easily see who is gaining and losing position with your audience.
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View the important role that every marketing channel has to your content with the marketing channel performance chart – insight you will only find from GinzaMetrics.

  • Detailed Drill Downs – Click into any of the bars for more detailed information on the chosen channel.
  • Select Data to Display – Click off and on the channels in the legend to select which marketing drivers to display. Export the chart in your preferred format once you’ve got the view just right.
  • Marketing Channels Tracked Daily – Take a look at the comprehensive list of things we track daily so you understand where all of your traffic, conversions and revenue are coming from:
    • Search
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • Referral
    • Display
    • Paid Search
    • Direct
    • Comparison Shopping Engine
    • Mobile
    • Affiliate
    • And More


Drill down into data your way, with multiple filtering options – the views of your insights and analytics are endless.

  • Date range – Select pre-determined ranges such as week, month or quarter, or create custom date ranges for specific viewing needs.
  • Search engine – Filter your data by search engine options determined by your preferences or geographic location.
  • Conversions – Choose to see conversions that you’ve set up in your web analytics platform, such as shopping cart completions, transactions, downloads, and more.
  • Keyword groups – View your data by the specific keyword groups that you’ve set up for campaigns, product lines, brands, and more.
  • Device – Filter by device type such as desktop, tablet or mobile. Specific views for Apple and Android devices are also available.
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