GinzaMetrics Features

We offer a variety of SEO and marketing features that help you improve findability, streamline reporting, and grow your brand.

The GinzaMetrics platform provides a single dashboard to manage all of your search and content needs.

Whether you’re responsible for a single site or a large portfolio of brands – you can view, analyze, and report on overviews and detailed information quickly and easily.

Maximize your SEO and marketing efforts with recommendations that span your site and are sortable by keyword and content groups for faster prioritization. 

Recommendations are categorized by keyword and content, page structure, and crawlability, with additional rankings for importance, difficulty, and risk.

Monitor, analyze, discover, and report on the competition in one place. 

Using GinzaMetrics we can help you find new competition that’s taking traffic and rank, analyze their search and content efforts, and effectively report on them.

Whether you have custom analytics and API integrations, larger data volumes, or unique reporting needs – GinzaMetrics can help.

We offer plans and features to meet a variety of enterprise needs and can work with you to create a customized solution that solves your specific problems.

Local search data and mobile insights are increasingly important for good SEO and marketing – making them an integral part of your platform choice.

Get all the data you need to improve rank, create better content, and increase findability for your site. Local and mobile data are included in all plans and price points.

Beyond the basics, GinzaMetrics delivers deeper analytics and insights to ensure you’ve got all the intelligence you need to improve findability.

Integrated analytics throughout the UI use hover states, sortable columns, interactive charts & graphs, and clickable details for data in a user friendly format.

GinzaMetrics is here to ensure you’re set up correctly from the beginning, and then to provide support and resources throughout the lifetime of your account. 

We offer the Onboarding Center, GinzaMetrics Academy, and Support Center, or work directly with a team member.

Use our scalable API to create a custom integration or solution that suites you. 

Connect with other platforms, provision sites, create unique views, and much more using the per-developer API keys and large-scale processing options for SEO and content marketing data offered by GinzaMetrics.


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