Enterprise SEO & Content Marketing Site Audit

GinzaMetrics provides a comprehensive audit of your site as well as recommendations to beat competitors and improve your findability by target audiences.

Why conduct a search and content marketing audit on your site?

As you continue to build, maintain, and add to your website – things change that you may not be aware of until it is negatively impacting your marketing and traffic numbers. 

Just like a regular checkup with your doctor ensures you’re on the right track for your health, a comprehensive site audit will reveal information about what’s going right and where you can make changes to improve your marketing.

Most customers find that implementing our recommendations increases traffic to their site and content by more than 20% within the first 60 days.

Before you spend more time and budget creating content for your site, make sure it’s set up for findability first – so each piece of content you create gets maximum ROI for your effort.

What can I expect in my SEO & content audit?

We’ll conduct a thorough review of your site and its content – including social channels – to provide you with the big picture of your site’s health.

We make it easy to review your audit, as well as to tackle recommendations – which are sorted by importance, difficulty, and risk so you can prioritize with your team.

Things commonly included in your site audit are:

  • Breakdown of visitors by marketing channel
  • Findability Score – a proprietary score that plots your findability versus your competitors for the topics and keywords you’re targeting
  • Targeted keywords and topics broken out by tier
  • Average rank on page for your target keywords and topics
  • Missing title tags and meta descriptions
  • Duplicate pages
  • Competitive backlink profiles
  • Internal link analysis
  • External links
  • Page structure errors
  • Keyword and content errors
  • Crawlability issues
  • Recommendations for optimizing content

Want to take your audit even further? Check out our advanced options:

Take your site audit to the next level with the following additional options:

  • Competitor Discovery – We will discover competitors that are also ranking for your targeted topics and keywords, and provide detailed information to ensure your content attracts your target audience instead of theirs.
  • Suggested Keywords – We’ll recommend keywords and topics to add to your SEO and content marketing efforts to make sure you’re tracking the things that matter most to your customers.
  • Social Media Landscape – An overview of the social landscape for you and your competitors across sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.
  • Performance Update – We will send you a performance update at 30 and 90 day time frames after your initial audit so you can track improvements and make additional changes as needed.

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