Custom SEO & Content Marketing Reports

Don’t need a whole search or content marketing platform? Don’t want to sign a big contract? That’s fine, we can run reports for you one time or on a monthly basis so you don’t have to break the bank.

What can you do with custom reports?

GinzaMetrics is a full scale SEO and content marketing platform – but we recognize that doesn’t always meet everyone’s needs. That’s why we offer custom reports that can be used one time, or on a monthly basis, with no contract. Here are a few things our custom reports are good for:

  • Quarterly and year-end reporting – Need to get some insights and data quickly without signing up for a whole platform? We’ll get you most reports within 10 business days or sooner so you can share stats with ease.
  • Agency business development – Looking to get some insights on a potential new client before a pitch? Use our custom reports to gather intel so you’re prepared to pitch perfectly.
  • Website recommendations audit – We’ll give you a list of current errors and improvements that you can make to increase your ranking and findability.

Types of Custom Reports

  • Competitor discovery – We will find new competitors in your space based on your keywords and content and send you a list of their URLs, competing keywords, and competing content.
  • Keyword ranking trends – Just want to know where your keywords are currently ranking across search engines or devices like iPhone, iPad, or Android? We can do that!
  • Content insights – We can tell you how your content is performing including search volume, current rank and ranking keyword, projected search volume, and change in rank.
  • Social insights – For each page of content we’ll show you Likes, Shares, Tweets, and +1s as well as current rank and ranking keyword.
  • Recommendations – We provide recommendations to improve your SEO and content marketing at the keyword and content, page structure, and crawlability levels. You’ll receive a detailed list of errors and issues at the page level.

Report Features

  • White labeling – We can upload your logo or clients’ logos for your reports for brand consistency.
  • Monthly automatic sends available – If you decide you like receiving your reports, we can schedule monthly sends to keep the insights in your inbox.
  • Export options – We can send you Excel, .csv, or PDF files of your reports to match internal needs.
  • Easy credit card payments – No invoicing needed, just enter your credit card number and we’re ready to go.
  • Interactive URL reports available – If you want something more interactive than an Excel or csv file we can save most of your reports as a custom dashboard that you can access via your own URL.
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