Beat the Competition with Better Search Insights

Track the competitors you know and discover the ones you don’t to improve your own efforts

Get your next great content ideas from competitor data

You’re probably watching your competitors for a lot of things, but have you thought about using the data you’re collecting to determine your own content creation?

Mine your competitor data to discover little gems of information:

  • Which topics are popular among your shared audiences?
  • Which types of content do your audiences prefer?
  • Which channels are resonating with the target audience they’re stealing from you?
  • How can you create content that reflects those findings and carries your own brand spin?

Discover how to beat the competition at their own game.

Rethink competitor analysis with search and social data

Instead of collecting competitor data separately from the data you collect on your own efforts, collect the same performance data and compare results.

Use data to create a holistic picture of what’s working for you versus your competitors, including:

  • Keyword ranking
  • Social share of voice
  • Content engagement

Then, determine what changes you need to make to improve your efforts and rank higher.

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Harness the power of competitor data to improve findability

Gather the right data and get actionable insights about how your competitors are performing across channels and with target audiences.

Use the data you gather to:

  • Discover new competitors.
  • Learn what content is competing with yours.
  • Compare your findability to your competitors.
  • Make adjustments to create a competitive advantage.
  • Communicate value to your executive team.

Start using competitive insights to inform your strategic decisions.

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Winning the content competition and ranking first

Besides those brands that are competing with you at the product and services level, there are other brands and publishers competing with you for audience share.

Here are a few things you can do to make your discovery more meaningful:

  • Create keyword groups.
  • Mirror keyword groups with content groups.
  • Track content at the medium, method, and message levels.
  • Discover competing content.
  • Use your insights to determine best next steps.

Get some tips about how to make content competition discovery more time efficient and meaningful.

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