Custom Dashboard Modules

Create your custom dashboard using modules for all types of data and reporting needs.

Chart Modules

  • Marketing channel performance – A comprehensive overview of all marketing efforts that are driving traffic to your content. Get detailed information from this chart by hovering over sections or clicking into them for specific channel contributions to traffic, conversions, and revenue.
  • All organic visits and rankings – An overview of all unpaid organic visits, sorted by your selected search engines and/or devices. There is also an average rank line to highlight change position change over time. Here you can see how various search sites and devices are contributing to your content’s traffic.
  • All organic visits comparison – unpaid organic visits for the keywords / topics you are tracking. You will notice changes in tracked organic visits when you add, change, or delete keywords from your account. This is a good way to view the difference between what your known traffic driving topics are versus the total of all traffic to your content.
  • Goal completions – Daily tracking of goals and KPIs that you set in analytics, comparable across multiple goals or single goal view.
  • Indexed pages – The total number of indexed pages per day for your content versus your competitors.
  • Inbound links stats – An overview of the number of backlinks for your site versus your competitor, plotted daily.
  • Organic conversions and rankings (tracked keywords & topics) – Conversions, based on your chosen settings, for your organic traffic, broken out by your selected search engines or devices. Conversion can be things such as form fills, shopping cart fills, downloads, purchases, and more. You can set multiple conversions and use your dashboard filters to select which to view or view all conversions (the default setting).
  • Organic revenue and rankings (tracked keywords & topics) – Revenue totals based on your conversion settings, in the currency of your choosing – broken out by selected search engines or devices.
  • Findability Score trends – Findability Score is a proprietary algorithm that analyzes  your visibility across search engines for your tracked keywords. We also calculate this score for your competitors as well in a comparison view. Findability Score is a great way to understand how likely your target audience is to find your content versus your competitor’s content when searching for selected topics and keywords.
  • Ranking distribution – The rank distribution of your keywords / topics across the search engine selected. Click into a segment of the graph to view all keywords within that rank range.
  • Recommendations summary – An overview of your site and content recommendations with overall scores and total errors, broken out by Keyword & Content, Page Structure, and Crawlability.
  • Social engagements – Social engagement data for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, with detailed information available on hover and click, charted daily. This data is also filterable by your keyword / topic groups.

Table Modules

  • Traffic summary – Provides basic traffic information to prevent you from having to toggle back and forth between an analytics platform and your GinzaMetrics dashboard. Included in the traffic summary: Visits, Visitors, New Visits, % of New Visitors, Bounces, Bounce Rate, Pageviews, and Pages per Visit.
  • Search engine performance summary – Provides important position information for your chosen search engines or devices. Information in the chart will show you average position, change over time, total visits, conversions and revenue broken out by search engine. Select new search engines specifically or by geography in your site settings tab. Includes: Position, Change in position over time, Visits, Conversions, and Revenue.
  • Keyword analytics – Detailed information for all of your tracked keywords / topics including: Position, Change in position over time, Average position, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Search volume, and Projected monthly traffic.
  • Keyword group analytics – View keyword information for all of your keywords / topics grouped according to your marketing needs. View: Position, Change in position over time, Average position, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Search volume, and Projected monthly traffic.
  • Content performance: Social insights – View all of your content, the top performing keyword / topic for that page, as well as social signal data across major social channels including Facebook and Twitter. Also view page analytic details including: visits, page views, % of new visits, bounce rate, conversions, and revenue.
  • Content performance: Search insights – View all content alongside top performing keyword / topic, total searches, projected monthly traffic, and current page rank. Also view additional content analytics including: visits, page views, % of new visits, bounce rate, conversions, and revenue.
  • Competitive intelligence: Search rankings – A view of all of your targeted topics / keywords with search volume, compared to current competitor rankings (up to five competitors) and change in rank over the time period selected.
  • Preferred landing pages: Performance – View keywords paired with their preferred landing pages – then view whether or not the recommended landing page and keyword are currently matching. Also view search volume and current rank.
  • Ranking trends – View each tracked keyword / topic search rank for the selected search engine plotted across the chosen date range. Total searches and visits for each keyword are also viewable.
  • Search engine / device comparisons – See each keyword’s rank across all selected search engines / devices. Also view change in ranking position over time, with positive changes in green and negative changes in red.
  • Competitor social landscape – View the social media performance for your brand alongside all of your competitors, across key social channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Slideshare.
  • Page indexing
  • Inbound links
  • Linking domains
  • Anchor text
  • Annotations – A list of all selected annotations, including user-created annotations, Google algorithm changes, Panda updates, and Penguin updates.
  • Declined keywords activity – A list of the fastest declining tracked keywords / topics for your brand, broken out by keyword, ranking content URL, total rank / position change, search volume, visits, and conversions.
  • Improved keywords activity – A list of the fastest improving targeted keywords / topics for your brand, broken out by keyword, ranking content URL, total rank / position change, search volume, visits, and conversions.
  • Top keywords competitors – A list of the fastest improving tracked keywords / topics for your competitors, broken out by keyword, ranking content URL, total rank / position change, search volume, visits, and conversions. Toggle between competitors to see where they are gaining momentum on your target marketing areas.

Reporting center and customs dashboard modules available without analytics connection

Use our reporting center and custom dashboards to conduct pre-sales audits and business development research. We offer a number of report options without any analytics connection – simply enter a URL and we will start gathering data for your reports. Copy the report template to other sites so you can automatically start collecting information for all new sites and be ready to pitch quickly.

  • Ranking distribution
  • Average ranking trends
  • Findability score trends
  • Indexed pages
  • Inbound link stats
  • Social statistics
  • New social engagements
  • Site potential traffic
  • Social share of voice
  • Recommendations summary
  • Keyword performance with universal search, projected traffic, search volume, and rank change
  • SERP rank distribution
  • Keyword group performance for your brand and competitors
  • Competitive intelligence – search rankings
  • Preferred landing page (PLP) performance
  • Daily ranking trends
  • Search engine comparisons
  • Recommendations
  • Competitor social landscape overview
  • Page indexing
  • Inbound links
  • Linking domains
  • Anchor text
  • Improved keyword activity
  • Competitor discovery
  • Custom HTML / text / images


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