Perfect for small teams and startups

Starting at

$1,000 / month

2,500 keywords tracked daily

10 tracked sites

10,000 tracked pages per site

2 tracked competitors per site


Content segmentation

Keyword categorization

Keyword & topic discovery

Audience insights

Customizable Reports

Google Analytics integration

User-created custom dashboards

Unlimited users

API access


For quickly growing businesses and agencies

Starting at

$2,000 / month

5,000 keywords tracked daily

30 tracked sites

50,000 tracked pages per site

3 tracked competitors per site

All of Professional, Plus:

User-created custom dashboards

Advanced training and support









For large, sophisticated site portfolios

Starting at

$3,000 / month

10,000 keywords tracked daily

100 tracked sites

100,000 tracked pages per site

4 tracked competitors per site

All of Premium, Plus:

1 custom URL

Advanced backlink analytics

Dedicated account manager

Site Catalyst integration

Custom analytics integration

Enterprise grade support





Customized solutions and deep integrations

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Up to millions of keywords tracked

Thousands of tracked sites

Millions of tracked pages per site

Unlimited tracked competitors

All of Portfolio, Plus:

CMS and CRM integration

Ad campaign intelligence

BI platform integration

Customized solutions

Data science and analytics

Developer-created dashboards

Unlimited custom URLs



*Standard plans and features are based on an annual agreement. Plans can be customized according to your needs. Sign up for a demo below to learn more.