Local Search for SEO & Marketing

Local Search Map Results

Introducing Local Search

GinzaMetrics provides local search ranking data based on keyword and location selections. With local search, users can:

  • View sortable ranking data by selected locations for keywords
  • Toggle locations off and on throughout the platform
  • Sort keyword and location data by keyword and content groups and campaigns
  • View average rank by location in a map view

GinzaMetrics Local Search Integration

GinzaMetrics is committed to integrating features into the platform fully, as opposed to providing a stand-alone, separate tool. Because of that, we give our users:

  • Access to Local Search at any of our pricing plans
  • Integration into existing platform data
  • Easy setup within current keyword management area
  • Onboarding assistance for new and existing users looking to get started with local search
  • Integration with Deeper Crawl to give our users a full accounting of all content, regardless of rank or targeted keywords to improve findability for brands and content
  • View alongside mobile data including sorting for mobile, tablet, and desktop options as well as individual device types such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and Android tablet
Screenshot - Local Rankings Chart

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