How to make SEO succeed in your organization

The following blog post is an recap from a webinar with Marc Eberhart, Director of Marketing, Chegg.   Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc Eberhart, Director of Ad Services, at Chegg, the leading hub and online education portal for students. Marc has been involved with SEO for over 15 years at companies [...]

The Landscape of Search and Marketing Tools

With brands relying heavily on SEO and content marketing tools (and a host of other related marketing technologies) to push their products forward, the question today is whether these tools can stand the test of time–will they be around 5 years from now?  Many functions will probably remain the same, such as keyword and topic [...]

Intelligent Content to SaaS: Marketing in the Digital Age

Given the amount of money spent and the potential revenue from consumers, marketing can’t be taken lightly. Within the specific tasks that make up marketing for any brand or business lies the success and potential of your brand.  Constant innovation in today’s technology present evolving ways to ace marketing strategies. To name one, publishing tools [...]

The Inevitably Dynamic Role of PR in Today’s Branding

Not long ago, or at least, before the advent of the Digital Age giving birth to Social Media, Digital Channels, and all these online information sharing avenues, the role of a PR professional was limited to preparing press releases, white papers, media tours, and all of the paper-and-pen tasks that were associated with traditional publicity. [...]

Content scoring is stupid. And potentially dangerous.

As you can tell by the post title, I have an opinion about content scoring for marketers. Content scoring’s heart is in the right place and I don’t fault the effort – it’s just being done poorly in many instances and it’s time get real and talk about what’s actually going on. Content scoring came [...]

FOUND Friday: PR and Marketing – Owners of Content, Awareness, and Filling the Funnel

This week we’re excited to have a conversation that continues to come up over customer meetings, at events, and on blog posts around the internet. What is the relationship between marketing, public relations, sales, and brand when it comes to content, awareness, and making sure the funnel stays full? To make sure we get a [...]

New Features Announced: Mobile Search Insights, Multiple Market Targeting, and Support for Qihoo 360

Today, we will be launching a number of new features aimed at providing you a better search marketing experience. The updates include mobile search insights for iPhone and iPad devices, support for Chinese search engine Qihoo 360 (, and the ability to target multiple markets from a single site. Starting today, only GinzaMetrics users can see mobile search rankings by search engine for iPhone and iPad traffic at a daily granularity. We plan to provide search rankings for Android devices later in Q2.   Mobile [...]